WRTC-96 Compendium/Chronicles (tongue-in-cheek)

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Wed Jul 24 11:43:01 EDT 1996

In a message dated 96-07-18 23:06:37 EDT, you write:

>And if you order 10 or more copies of the book, you get an extra copy that
>has been signed by the five top CW operators who have been booked to appear
>in the upcoming movie "Independence Day - The Aftermath"; and, direct from
>the White House basement fileroom, a copy of the FBI's secret file on W4KFC.
>Get your copy of the book and CDs and figure out how the winning team got
>those extra multipliers.  You'll want to review this data over and over,
>especially if you are selected to participate in the next WRTC.
>Operators are standing by!  Call 1-800-WRTC96, NOW!!!!!!

    What??  No Ginsu knives?  Bummer.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

>From aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U)  Wed Jul 24 18:55:57 1996
From: aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 13:55:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: ZK1AAU on Topband
Message-ID: <199607241755.NAA13120 at vixa.voyager.net>

Hi Mike,
Yup, thats the way it goes. I'm copying this to the reflector so others will
have the benefit of your wisdom. You did a fine job from CY0! 

At 02:02 PM 7/23/96 -0300, you wrote:
>Bruce, Although I didn't need ZK1, I 
>couldn't agree more with our "ride the QSB
>wave " etc. findings. That was our problem
>from Sable on weeeeeeak 6m cw, or weeeeek
>+QRNNN 160m cw. I'd hear
>K3~~~crash crash k3 !!!! crash KKK
>What in heck is that supposed to be?
>I'd respond with "K3? k3? k3?"
>and get same, instead of "ANS ANS ANS
>ANS ANS" , which would've been the proper
>repsonse, as I already had the k3-part ok.
>(Sorry to pick on poor k3ans, hi!)
>I concur wid ur findings!
>GL next time round!
>CY0AA WEB: http://www.cam.org/~dino/sable.html
>check out the *new* QSO stats etc.!
>V E 9 A A  / C Y 0 A A   2M/6M QSL'S ### NEW ADDRESS ### !!!
>Michael E. Smith
>271 Smith Rd. (Geary)
>Waterville, Sunbury Co.,
>N.B. Canada
>E2V 3V6
>older "131 Smith Rd" should do for a while.
>my grid is fn65rr, Cy0aa is fn93xn
>7 3   -Mike

>From foggie at dtx.net (foggie)  Tue Jul 23 19:18:51 1996
From: foggie at dtx.net (foggie) (foggie)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 13:18:51 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: WARNING!
Message-ID: <XFMail.960723132521.foggie at dtx.net>

On 24-Jul-96 ac1o at gate.net wrote:
>>At 12:33 AM 7/24/96 EST, Eugene Walsh wrote:
>>Anyone who does not like anchovies on anything
>>cannot be trusted with other, less important,
>>CONTEST type stuff.
>Mr. Walsh, Sir:
>After unruffling my feathers, and after the most careful consideration, I
>have to admit that you are, indeed, correct in your assessment.  (Especially
>regarding the "cannot be trusted with... CONTEST type stuff".)  Many many
>thanks, Sir, for sharing your Lesson In Life with me.   

I beg to differ. Is it not obvious that anyone who eats anchovies on pizza 
has had their ment facilities so impaired as to not have proper judgement?
how then could they be a contester when they could not make the right
decision over such a momentous thing as anchovies? something minor like 
S&P may be within their grasp, but the overall startegy of the contest? I
doubt it.

Besides is it not obvious that Mr. Walsh has an inate fear of the LaTex
Rookies? As such I can barely wonder that he also would like anchovies.

>P. S.  I don't care; I still think even fresh anchovies smell rotten, no
>matter how much cheap pizza sauce you cover 'em with.  Maybe they smell
>differently, though, when you live downwind of all those refineries in New
><subtle humor, on throughout this posting, now off>

Al - kk5zx

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