WRTC logs and DX4WIN

AE6Y at aol.com AE6Y at aol.com
Tue Jul 23 23:53:12 EDT 1996

To all WRTC'rs and interested  hams:

   The WRTC logs are available in DX4WIN log format on the internet.  The
entire log of all stations is a 1 Mb zipped file that can be loaded into the
demo version of DX4WIN, and then searched and sorted in any order.  For
example, you can compare the logs of each station, you can look for you own
call in all the logs, etc. The program authors say they will shortly have
rate-analyzing facilities built into the program to allow comparison of rates
of the different WRTC stations

   The log and a fully-functional demo version of DX4WIN can be downloaded

   For those not familiar with DX4WIN, it is a terrific windows DX logging,
packet, awards, etc program written by Paul, KK4HD.  I'm so impressed with it
that I ordered it and just converted my 7,000+ QSO DXBase 4.5 log into DX4WIN
to use it as my primary logging program.  It has a beautiful interface, and
is very fast and versatile.  Best of all, Paul is extremely responsive to
suggestions (for example, he incorporated a number of mine even before I
became a registered user), unlike the authors of DXBase, who generally treat
suggestions as insults.

 I have no commercial connection with this product, but urge you to give it a
try on the WRTC logs.

       Still basking in the warm WRTC 96, Inc. glow:
                   73,  Andy Faber, AE6Y

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