Local Hwd Stores / Heil headphones

frenaye at pcnet.com frenaye at pcnet.com
Sat Jul 27 00:23:20 EDT 1996

>Yes, push your local hardward stores to stock things we can use on towers,
>of course!!!  I can get Sked 5 bolts at Home Depot, but no stainless steel
>u-bolts, for example.  Press on, hardware guys!!!!  73, K4VUD

I recently saw an article somewhere (maybe Time) that a comapny was test 
marketing vending machines for commonly needed boat/sailing parts - the kind 
of things a weekend explorer might need.  These would be installed at the 
marina... Wonder if they'll include stainless steel hose clamps and other 
necessary antenna/tower parts?

An unrelated question:  Anyone have an e-mail address for Heil Sound?  Has 
anyone ever sent a Heil headset back to them for repair - how are they? (I 
broke the small plastic part that holds the earpiece onto the over-the-head 
piece on one side because I packed my luggage too tight...).

73 Tom

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