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I've had great success using Radio Shack telephones as a cure for RFI
problems.  I recently picked up some on sale for $9.99 each (Model 43-908)
and was surprised that they had no RFI protection whatsoever!  I returned
them and "traded up" to a model 43-585 at $19.95, which worked great.  Lesson
learned:  You get what you pay for.

FYI, to cure a neighbor's problem, I removed the wall plate and inserted a
2.5uH choke on one side of the twisted pair.  This usually works, but the
series inductance sometimes affects the ringer on the phone.

Hope this helps someone!      Paul, KB8N,  "Low wire and high desire"


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Hello fellows.

After several month of work rebuilding my house, now is time to rebuild 
the antenna system.

I bougth 2 month ago, a KLM-34XA , with heavy duty boom option ( about 
150 of total weight ) . I have my old 40-2CD too, and I will buy a self 
supported tower ( electric high volatage tower ). 
The tower will have about 85 feet high, and is pyramidal, with 6 feet at 
bottom and 2 feet at top, more or less, and accept up to 4000 lb of 
horizontal effort at top.
The problem now is to decide wich rotator i will use.
At present I have 3 rotator ( rests of my monobanber's systems ), an 
T2X, an HAM4 and a RC5-A. My experience with these rotator is that de 
RC5-A ( from Create ) is the best.
I planned to put the both antennas in the same self-supported tower in a 
big and heavy mastil of 12 feet. And in order to make a good system with 
the mininum of maintenance ( its not to nice to work at 85 feet over the 
ground ) I must decide wich rotator to buy, a M2 OR2800 or a Yaesu 
I will appreciate any comment about your expeciences with rotators and 
large antennas systems.
Thank's a lot in advance.
Fernando. EA3KU.

>From k7ss at (Danny Eskenazi)  Sun Jul 28 17:23:03 1996
From: k7ss at (Danny Eskenazi) (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 09:23:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: mobile contesting question
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Thinking about mobile contesting in the Volvo wagon. Not much metal
available for an antenna on the rear end, so thinking about a magmount on
the roof. Anyone have a 3 or 4 magnet mobile mount for sale? 

Have heard great things about the screwdriver, but cant find a practical
mount for such a big 
antenna.  Do have an old Hustler mobile antenna that folds in half, and a
set of resonators, so may try that setup on the roof.

Any comments? ideas? etc?

Well it IS the bottom of the cycle, in deep summer, and one's mind does
start to wander.........

73 de Danny K7SS
Danny Eskenazi
k7ss at

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