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Steve Bolia, N8BJQ
E-mail n8bjq at erinet.com
Fax    513 429-0218

>From n5ia at juno.com (Milt Jensen)  Sun Jul 28 14:32:39 1996
From: n5ia at juno.com (Milt Jensen) (Milt Jensen)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 05:32:39 PST
Subject: Use of Forest Service or BLM lands for HF antennas
Message-ID: <19960728.053244.8654.1.N5IA at juno.com>

I am preparing an application to the Bureau of Land Management to use the
public lands adjacent to private property for installation of a low band
HF receiving antenna site.

I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding similar
applications on BLM or FS administered lands, ie., have permits been
issued for this or similar applications?  can copies of applications and
issued permits be obtained?  what were the main obstacles (environmental,
archaelogical, historical, safety, etc.)?  Anything at all.

Thanks in advance for any information.  Respond directly to
					n5ia at juno.com

				73 de Milt,

>From kn6dv at qnet.com (Willem A.Angenent)  Mon Jul 29 05:48:06 1996
From: kn6dv at qnet.com (Willem A.Angenent) (Willem A.Angenent)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 05:48:06 +0100
Subject: SCDXC Summer Bash at N6HC
Message-ID: <m0uklBm-0006D7C at cello.QNET.COM>

SCDXC Summer Bash

The annual summer bash sponsored be the Southern California DX Club will be
held on Sunday, August 4th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the QTH of Arnie
This is a sort of open house, Arnie and the SCDXC welcome all Dxer's,
Contesters etc. etc.
All you have to bring is a good appetite and some good stories.
Directions as follow:
	Take either the 5 or 405 freeway to the 22 freeway East, then the 55
freeway North and exit at Chapman Avenue East.
Follow Chapman East approximately 2 miles to Crawford Canyon and turn right
onto Crawford Canyon.
Go to the end of Crawford Canyon to Newport Blvd. and turn left onto
Newport Blvd.
 Turn right onto Cowan Heights Blvd. (first traffic signal).
Follow Cowan Heights to Skyline (first right) and turn right onto Skyline.
Continue on Skyline about 0.5 miles to Hunting Horn Drive and turn right
onto Hunting Horn Drive.
You will see the antennas. Again all Dxer's and contesters etc. are welcome
and see you all August 4th .

	Arnie Shatz,  N6HC
	10931 Hunting Horn Drive
	Santa Ana  Ca 

For more information you can send a e-mail to:

kn6dv at contesting.com

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