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Brian McGinness wa3wjd at wirelessinc.com
Tue Jun 4 18:10:47 EDT 1996

** Reply to note from Bob Levine <levine at mc.com> 06/04/96 09:43am EDT  

Sounds to me like Windoze 95 is broke! I do all that you mention
below using CT under IBM's OS/2 Warp, which is also a 32-but operating
system. And it has a boot manager that times out after 30 seconds
so if you don't change anything, it will automatically boot the
last operating system used.

Also keep in mind the speed at which you need to log when running
lots of stations.  There is no time for clicking the mouse under those
circumstances, so I prefer the direct keyboard input, regardless of
what operating system is used.

> X-VE7TCP-Loop-Detector: ct-user Bob Levine <levine at mc.com>
> I am very frustrated with CT and Windows 95.  I am not

> Is the contest community really still in the dark ages of PCs
> running MSDOS on 286s and 386s with DOS that there is no market for 
> real windows based contest apps?  There is no reason why you cant 
> have a nice app that supports 4 COM ports to run the TNC, rig,
> rotor, and another at the same time.  I have all those devices

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