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I'm not sure how well the QRN SQUASHER will work as described in CQ
June, but the phase shift circuit will shift the phase and not just
by 180 degrees. This circuit was used in the old satellite
range/range rate gear for phase calibration. 

On a more serious note:
Contesters that are in fire danger are AL7MX often found on 160m.
He was evacuated a few days ago and still does not know the fate of
his home. KL7Y sent me a quick note saying the fire was 1 1/2 miles
from his home and he and KL7AF were loading their cars with all his
radio gear. He had to leave the area yesterday morning. The roads
are now closed to his qth.

Here in the far north I have three fires east, north, and west of
me. Heavy smoke overhead. As all the resources are being used for
the southern fires to save more homes these fires are not being
fought. I live in a log home in a forest so fires always have my

Dan used all steel guys with insulators for his towers. I used
phily. Now who's smarter.

73 Rich  KL7RA  kl7ra at 

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K8DO at wrote:
> Most of the local VE's are disgusted by the percentage of people with medical
> certification who are obviously gaming the system... two of the VE stalwarts
> in our area have quit recently, stating that the medical certifications are
> mostly fraudulent, and that they could no longer affix their signature to the
> applications...
> >This says nothing about the exemptions given by doctors for CW, and help
> >given by instructors. We are either becoming a pretty unhealthy society, or
> >people are cheating and lying to get out of the CW exam. Look at the nuber
> of
> >exemptions then and now!
> Denny              k8do at

The VE gangs say they have to accept these certificates from MDs.
Not so! A VE is not forced to sign off on any waver if it violates
his principles. So, they are guilty by acceptance!
de KL7HF

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