Pre-WRTC - Strategies?

Wed Jun 12 23:37:39 EDT 1996

I agree - we CAN have a little fun without going to the WRTC games. I was
wondering about having a lot of fun without going to them by using the N2IC
approach of WRTC-past:


What I was hinting at in my last post regarding votes as to who will win was
well diagnosed by N6IG who suggested that a lot of the "voting" would be
voting based on the familiarity of a call (i.e.: the Bro in Law, and
returning Champion Team, raise the belt above your heads boys,  'AR and 'DG).


I would like to discuss the merits of one form of operating approach/attack
to score big in this contest (versus another operating strategy)! This is the
idea of, and I think the essence of (correct me 'KKN) The Contest Reflector. 


If the contest becomes more of a DX-feast, then, a team like AR/DG who have
done these together for YEARS (since before N2AA knew them) is a
favorite....but, and this is the part that really intrigues me:

IF DX CONDX STINK (it is the bottom of the cycle) IT WILL BE
SWEEPSTAKES/NAQP-like in its nature.

The best operators in one type of contest are NOT necessarily the best type
in another. K1AR has a very high success rating in the DX-contests due to his
familiarity with propagation paths and the appropriate time of day to look
for them. K1AR also spent years beating his head against the wall trying to
win the Phone SS from W2PV's QTH! Would a team including SS First place
finishers like N6TR/K5ZD/WN4KKN/KR0Y be "at an advantage." Mebbe a team with
two in it? Or how about one of them paired with a guy who is frequently DX?

The type of contest the competitors will be up against next month will
probably favor a domestic ("W") ham as it will probably be occuring during
very poor propagation. Yes, the DX contacts are preferable to make, but when
you can't make those, it is time for a Sweepstakes/NAQP.....or for your old
farts a CD Party.....heah, isn't that the old "Open" CD Party Weekend!

Operating strategies for next month's event are evolving, I will be very
interested to see how the winning scores do it on a continental breakdown
basis. How many DX QSOs do u trade for fast Ws?

This is my interest, as a test of the operators' flexability to find
QSOs.....sure, the points favor CW qsos two to one......if conditions really
REALLY stink, I bet you we will hear begging for QSOs  - on SSB!!!!!

Someone recently asked what I would do if won the lotto, I told them that for
one, I would hang out with the guys at WRTC in July.....but the more I think
about it the more I wanna get on the air for it!

With the leaning being towards it being a domestic contest as a single op
enterring I could work 52 teams on hopefully 4 bands from here in Florida.
Thats prox 200 QSOs, with those special teams, alone....all of them highly
proficient operators so I would be guaranteed quick QSOs with all of
them.....easy contacts! This on top of everyone else in the Radiosport, maybe
I am just doing a little self psyching guys, but I bet we could have some fun
in this contest from our own homes this year! Look at the WRTC guys as
"gravy" to make a bottom of the cycle contest that much more fun....they will
be easy Qs.

If you need another reason to get on, you not only have the WRTC
incentives/prizes.....the Radiosport will be begging for "guns" since the
usuals are all out of contention!

This year, I think I will fight the Florida Summer QRN and operate the
Radiosport!  And, I am interested in strategies for it!

I hope the W6OAT and the WRTC have plans for a detailed post contest press
release via the Contest Reflector as to who won and HOW they maximized their
POINTS...many are belittling this event, I think they haven't thought it all
the way through, this could be a blast.

Jim zx                    k1zx at

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Come on ZX..can't we have a little fun with WRTC even if we don't go to San
Fran. What good is a great competition if we can't talk about it and express
a few opinions. case anyone is worried, I am keeping the specific
replies confidencial.  I guess a few folks might get a bit ruffled at the
      73, Ron

>From shed at (John Bayne)  Thu Jun 13 03:51:52 1996
From: shed at (John Bayne) (John Bayne)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 22:51:52 -0400
Subject: More Kenwood Bashing...
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Reply to Kenwood Marketing and Kenwood Gear:

Howdy folks!  I read with great surprise and interest the recent bulletins
concerning Kenwood's new marketing philosophy.  The replies that I have seen
from amateurs on the subject have been right on target.  What a crock of
bravo sierra coming from a company I once adored.  

I am 31 years old now and was licensed when I was 13.  IMHO, I have
developed into a professional radio operator with a taste for fine
equipment.  I enjoy public service and contesting, particularly CW and PHONE
SS. (Made it to Top 10 in 95!)  I have always insisted on the finest gear
that I could afford.  I have an Alpha amplifier, a TH7DX, etc., etc.  Guess
what radio I have sitting in front of me?

Let me tell you, I have always despised Yaesu.  The "Cbish" FT-101 line was
always one of my pet peeves, and I never thought they sounded good either.
I never liked most of the other Yaesu rigs either from a contesting
standpoint.  I have owned the TS-520, TS-520S, TS-530S, TS-830S, TS-930S,
and TS-850S.  The TS-830S in my opinion was the finest sounding transmitter
on the air.  Several years ago, succumbing to the need to go to an all solid
state rig, I chose the TS-850S based on my wonderful experiences with the
TS-830S.  I paid a lot of money for that radio, and I expected it to be top
of the line.  The receiver was nice, and I liked it a lot.  The transmit
audio on this new "top of the line" Kenwood was sorry.  No matter what I
tried.  Then there was all the trouble with audio distortion when
interfacing my KAM to the accessory port on the back, a problem which
Kenwood insisted was in my KAM.  Then the little things started to bug me.
The RIT knob was a cheap pot. It didn't even have a center detent or a CLEAR
button.  The radio lacked a professional feel in almost every aspect.  It
was then I decided that Kenwood was cutting corners for some reason and was
not serious about perpetuating their long standing reputation for providing
the finest HF equipment on the market.  It was time for me to move on.

Now I have this sexy, totally decked out, FT-1000D on my desk.  Every time I
work a knob or punch a button, I can't help but smile.  It is obvious that
Yaesu went back to the drawing board on this rig and came up with a
completely superior product.  It is without a doubt the finest HF radio that
I have ever owned or operated.  I have never heard a negative comment on the
air about the FT-990 or the FT-1000MP either.  My 1000D produces transmitt
audio superior to my old TS-830S, something I NEVER thought I would be able
to say about Yaesu.  All the other features work tremendously better than
the new Kenwoods too.

Kenwood, you've really let me down.  It's obvious to me now which direction
you're going as a company.  The HF rigs you're producing now don't stand a
chance.  That is why your sales are down.  If you ever hope to regain not
only the ham market, but our confidence and respect, it's back to the
drawing board.

73 everyone!

John N4EEB
Ormond Beach, FL

>From mwalker at (Mike Walker)  Thu Jun 13 03:49:15 1996
From: mwalker at (Mike Walker) (Mike Walker)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 22:49:15 -0400
Subject: Kenwood
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About 1 year ago, the US National sales manage joked  with me about getting
Radio Shack to sell Amateur Products and that if each store sold only one
product a week, he would improve his sales many times over.

Kenwood (Icom, Yaesu, etc) are in the business to make money.  PERIOD.  If
they start loosing money, then things have to change.  In Canada (and the U.S.
is a parallel market), amateur sales are declining.  There are no new hams to
buy new equipment, or to buy your old equipment so you can buy new.  Without
this turnover, sales decline.

In Canada, the TS-850SAT is no longer, same for the TS-950SDX.  If you want a
TS-790, it will have to be special ordered from Japan (Kenwood Canada will not
stock it).  There are no current plans for a TS-970 for several years and I
suspect the TS-870S will be their top of line radio for some time.

With no new sales, then why should Kenwood work on new products.  As an
example, look at ICOM.  They currently offer $100 rebate ($140 Canadian) on
the Z1A (dual band handheld).  Why?  To promote sales.  You don't offer
rebates, give aways etc. if sales are good and the industry is growing.

What is needed to promote HF sales and growth is some new gadget or mode. 
I'll bet most of you are happy with your current HF radio and the new ones
don't have enough new toys in order to spend the new bucks.  DSP is a start,
but there is a long way to go.  You likely won't buy a new HF rig until the
current one quits.

Should you write a letter to Kenwood stating that you will never buy Kenwood
again, you can bet it will end up in the trash.  They won't care as you will
be less than 1/10 of 1% of the market.  It might make you feel better though.

Just food for thought.  

Cheers...Mike VA3MW
(Corbeil Contest Club-VA3SK)

p.s.  My source of information?  I manage one of the larger Canadian Amateur
Radio Stores.

Mike Walker                               mwalker at
127 High St. W.                     	      rf:  va3mw at va3bbs
Mississauga, ON
L5H 1K4

>From aa8u at (AA8U)  Thu Jun 13 04:25:41 1996
From: aa8u at (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:25:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Pre-WRTC - Strategies?
Message-ID: <199606130325.XAA20967 at>

Hi Ron,
I haven't commented much on the WRTC stuff before, but your question sparked
a response this time.

I think the team that wins will know how to make the best of unfamiliar
territory, inadequate antennas, unfamiliar prorogation, etc. Those that deal
with adversity the best would have a leg up in this one.

Some of these fellows are really proficient with their state of the art
giant killer antenna farms and all, but I wonder how they will do when they
have to use equipment setups like most of the people they usually work in
the contests. The shoe, to some extent, seems to placed on the other foot.

The DXpeditioners, the Field Day regulars, and those that operated contests
for years on limited budgets may have the edge. 

Do you see my point?

I wish each and every one of them well. They are all winners in my book
regardless of the score at the end of the day.


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