P-SPICE Software Source?

Jastaples at aol.com Jastaples at aol.com
Tue May 7 19:41:20 EDT 1996

Recently Jay, WX0B commented on an RF design software package under the name
P-SPICE Ver. 6, available at "local engineering college bookstores".

I have checked two local university bookstores, RIce and Univ. Houston, and
was unable to locate it. Has anyone found a source, or reference to the

Please reply direct.

73, Joe, W5ASP
jastaples at aol.com

>From Gary Sutcliffe <ppvvpp at mixcom.com>  Tue May  7 23:47:15 1996
From: Gary Sutcliffe <ppvvpp at mixcom.com> (Gary Sutcliffe)
Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 17:47:15 -0500
Subject: NCJ CTT&T column
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Hi Gang!

Deadline time for the next Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques column in the
NCJ again approaches.  Again I am looking for your thoughts on this month's

                Low-Band Contesting

        Since we are at the bottom of the sunspot cycle the low bands are
more important than ever.  What special operating techniques do you use for
these bands? What are the major differences and problems operating the low
bands compared to the higher bands?   What type of antennas work best for
you (especially if you have a small yard)?  Do your DSP or other filters
really help pull signals out of the QRN?

Please send your responses direct to me before May 10.  Thanks again to
everyone who has supported my NCJ column over all these years. 73 - Gary

Gary Sutcliffe,  W9XT          Unified Microsystems
ppvvpp at mixcom.com              PO Box 133 Slinger, WI 53086
http://www.4w.com/ham/w9xt     414-644-9036

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