Turns Counter?

nasfred at interserf.net nasfred at interserf.net
Sun May 12 18:53:38 EDT 1996

Several months ago a source of Groth type turns counters (someone was making
them I seem to recall) was given in a message.  Yep, some how the message
got deleted (error on operator) and now I need a turns counter.  Appreciate
getting the information.

Send it to the E-mail address.

        Mike, K4GMH 
        nasfred at interserf.net

>From n3rr at cais.cais.com (Bill Hider)  Mon May 13 05:21:16 1996
From: n3rr at cais.cais.com (Bill Hider) (Bill Hider)
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 00:21:16 -0400
Subject: Insult to Ham Radio
Message-ID: <199605130421.AAA14243 at cais.cais.com>

Barbara, Dave, and Dave (cc: CQ-CONTEST):

Someone should send them a copy of the latest FCC publication on telephone
interference. It states that: 

"...Thus, hearing radio through your telephone is a sign that your phone
lacks adequate interference protection.  This is a technical problem, not a
law enforcement problem.  It is not a sign that the radio communication is
not authorized, or that the radio transmitter is illegal."

The complete reference is:  FCC Compliance & Information Bureau
                            Bulletin CIB - 10
                            August 1995

This publication is entirely devoted to telephone interference and is a tool
every CONTESTER should have in his/her possession.  It even includes a
postcard to send to the manufacturer of the phone receiving the interference
and if the response is not adequate, the FCC tells you to contact the EIA
(phone number included).

Bill, N3RR

At 11:13 PM 5/11/96 EST, David & Barbara Leeson wrote:
>I sent the following email to lhj at nyc.mdp.com:
>In the Ladies Home Journal, June, 1996, pg. 86, you state with regard to
>cordless telephones: "There is little you can do about static, except to
>report those who cause it - illegal airwave users, such as amateur radio
>stations - to the FCC."  You've insulted Amateur Radio and your readers'
>intelligence in one shot.
>Amateur Radio is a federally licensed service that provides our society with
>a cadre of individuals trained in wireless technology and in volunteer
>emergency communications.  Licensees, who must pass rigorous examinations on
>regulations, radio electronics and operating practice, use equipment that
>meets strict federally mandated technical requirements.
>It's important to place the blame for interference where it properly
>belongs, on the substantial portion of consumer electronic products sold in
>the U.S. that are designed with a cheap price rather than interference in
>mind.  Cordless telephones and other consumer electronics products sold in
>Europe and Japan must meet substantially stricter standards of
>electromagnetic radiation and susceptibility.
>"The Interference Handbook", an authoritative 1995 publication of the
>Federal Communications Commission, is available to you and to consumers who
>want to get their facts straight.
>Barbara Leeson, KK6QM

>From n3rr at cais.cais.com (Bill Hider)  Mon May 13 05:36:17 1996
From: n3rr at cais.cais.com (Bill Hider) (Bill Hider)
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 00:36:17 -0400
Subject: 10/40 Close spaced stacking
Message-ID: <199605130436.AAA15190 at cais.cais.com>

Matt, you've got some good ideas here.

I have my 105CA seven feet above my 40-2CD.  (105CA @ 141ft, 40-2CD @ 134ft)
No problems noted.

Keeping the 105CA 15-16 feet away from (above) the 205CA is the HiGain spec.

I'd worry more about the spacing of the 40-2CD and the 205CA, but modeling
it will tell you the answer better than asking it here.

I have little experience with the pinning of booms.  I use the HiGain clamp
on my 105CA, but I do not pin it to the 2 inch mast.  Haven't had a bit of
problems with it.  The 155CA and 205CA I have are on ring rotors, so don't
know what would happen on a mast.

Be sure to model the 15 M and 40-2CD (might as well model the whole tower
while you're at it) to be sure there is acceptable interference there too.

GL es 73!

Bill, N3RR

At 09:15 AM 5/12/96 -0600, Matt Trott wrote:
>Okay, the glaciers have begun to recede enuff that two weeks ago I finally
>got the concrete poured for the 80' 45G. I've been tossing in my sleep all
>winter as far as what antennas to put on it. I have a K5RC VERY stout 20'
>mast (108,000 psi).
>My latest plans (all of these ants are on hand): 205 at top; 402CD 10 feet
>above 205;                         105 @ 5 or 6 feet above 402CD.  (15
>meters? sidemount later).
>Question: (1) Any experiences out there with close spacing of 402 and 105?
>          (2) What's the general consensus on pinning the booms to the mast?
>              What does this do to the integrity of the boom? mast?
>Thanks, Matt        
>AA7BG			aa7bg at 3rivers.net		 Matt Trott

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