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>> The problem with stainless is that when they go away, they don't turn
>> (usually). They just film over with a white powder, and when touched are
>> likely to turn to powder. Frequent inspection is required, especially when
>> in contact with aluminum. I'd much prefer galvanized.
>> 73
>> Bill K5FUV
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>K1VR:  Hmmmm.  A phenomenon I've never observed, tho if FUV
>says it happens, it must happen.  However, the application
>in which I use stainless steel nuts and bolts is the
>assembly of towers, where they are not in contact with
>aluminum, but rather galvanized tower sections.  They are
>also easily examined each time I climb the tower (I try to
>see if all the nuts are still in place).

        Although I have never personally observed the phenomena that Bill
describes, it is a classic case of dissimilar metal corrosion and should be
avoided if possible.  Tower manufacturers provide galvanized hardware with
their galvanized towers.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

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