ICOM 706 driving amp?

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>The support manager at ETO is fully aware of the problem and will give you
>one succint piece of advice:  do NOT use a 706 with an Alpha.  You run the
>risk of blowing out the PIN diodes.

The cure for any radio is to inject a constant voltage ALC into the radio
that ALMOST limits the power to the exact value required. Then the radio does
not have to pull the ALC up from zero.
Use a transitor buffer.

They have little interest in fixing anything. The 706 has a design error in
the QSK timing and in the weight control for CW, and they TOLD me at Dayton
they just aren't going to fix any of it, CW isn't that important.

I designed a "box" that interfaces all radios to all amps. It has ALC and
switching buffers in it, as well as a SWR sense circuit for the load and
over-drive disabling circuitry. I submitted the proto to a company that
builds cheap widgets. Hopefully they will get off their butts and build it
soon, so everyone will be happier with the new radios.

73 Tom  

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From: n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 10:41:10 -0700
Subject: Overrun by wall adaptors - DC power for shack accessories
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My *contest* station is strangling in the power cords from all the wall-plug
adaptors needed to power various bits and pieces.  At this point, I have
separate supplies for my TNC, low-power 2-meter rig (handi-talkie), keyer
and K2ZJ beverage box, and now need to add another for a QSK controller.
I'm running out of power strip space!

Is there a better way?  If you're using a central power supply for all these
minor demands, what is it, and how do you manage the power distribution
problem?  Are RFI or ground loops an issue?

Direct replies appreciated, and I'll summarize if there's interest.


Pete Smith N4ZR (n4zr at contesting.com)

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