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BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com
Thu May 23 21:19:40 EDT 1996

I tried something new for lunch today: the Internet Cafe in Ybor City (that's
pronounced "E"-Boar for you Northerners)

While waiting for my Cobb Salad (a really good one by the way) I was given
the oportunity to check my AOL mailbox for messages. What I didn't realise
until too late was that once messages were downloaded onto the cafe's hard
drive I wouldn't get a chance to see them here at home......so,

A) Public apology to N7ENU for rebroadcasting his private e-mail to me, now
if there had just been an Internet Novice Roundup mebbe I might have
developed better Internet operating skills and realised he was calling me
"simplex". Again, sorry.

B) A Florida ham on the East Coast (Del Ray???) sent me some introductory
e-mail and with the flick of a finger I lost it at the Cafe. I hope you are
still following the refelctor, please try and e-mail me again. 

C) A lot of guys have cited newcomer's operating apathy being due to sunspots
currently being non (or near non) existant, W3LPL said last week that there
may be another year before things turn around. 

I don't buy a newcomers apathy being a function of the 'spots. That might be
an excuse for a seasoned op not to be actively entering contests - but what
better time for a new guy to learn the ropes than now....and what better time
for those of us who are willing to spare some time than now when condx stink
and we ain't gonna be able to go full bore anyhow.

D) Despite my sad tone in the Clique posting, I had a great time at the
Hamvention, made some new friends and finally met some old radio adversarys
(adversaries). I had fun, even with having to deal with bronchitis and
ears/sinuses that nearly exploded on the plane trip back to Florida.  Dayton
is one of a kind, if you are a ham and you don't have fun at the Hamvention
you need to find a new hobby! If the operator at WC4E takes a coupla times to
get your call this weekend it will be me...my ears are still "popping" as of
Thursday night.

GL to everyone this weekend, I think this is traditionally considered the end
of each contest season - guess it must be time for antenna work! 

Jim   zx        k1zx at contesting.com     Florida Contest Group

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