cw requirement

Fri May 24 09:26:36 EDT 1996

How about 40wpm and an MSEE for a 30 day non-renewable novice ticket?
Stations must be able to distinguish b's from 6's and v's from 4's.

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at

Who looks like he's over the hill but feels 19 (about radio anyway)

>From genewill at (Gene A. Williamson)  Fri May 24 16:55:00 1996
From: genewill at (Gene A. Williamson) (Gene A. Williamson)
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 08:55:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: How to find an email address
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.90.960524084911.15488A-100000 at>

Digital Equipment maintains a World Wide Web search engine called Alta 
Vista. According to PC Magazine, Alta Vista's "Web crawler" looks at 
2-1/2 MILLION PAGES A DAY -- Usenet news groups also -- and indexes 
*every single word* it finds.

Perhaps before you query 1000 Points of Light on a reflector you could 
point your browser to

and have it look for the person's callsign. You'll see a link to a page 
or newsgroup message, and can most likely find his/her address from 
there. Try your own call first  . . . you might be very surprised at what 
you find.

73 Gene K7DBV		genewill at
Webmaster, QCWA

>From gswanson at (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)  Fri May 24 18:08:00 1996
From: gswanson at (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW) (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 13:08:00 -0400
Subject: CW
Message-ID: <m0uMzWX-000RDHC at>

Food for thought: There's no band plan on 160--yet we seem to manage
not to run amuck there...CW , phone and AM (etc.), get along pretty well.

Not sure about the no-coder driving this IARU matter either--thought it was 
ZL proposal.

               Vry 73, Glenn
>From: Tony Brock-Fisher
>To: cq-contest
>Subject: CW
>Date: Friday, May 24, 1996 10:47AM

>Is it just dawning on me, or have we all been missing the point on the CW
>thing? If the CW requirement is dropped, then there will be no reason
>to protect the CW mode with band plans. So now, all of the bands are
>available for SSB, SSTV, tuna boats, etc.
>Maybe I had the cart before the horse. Maybe increasing the amount
>of bandwidth available for SSB etc is the driving force behind the

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