Multi-op/Single-band is Legal in WPX

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Fri May 24 13:06:39 EDT 1996

An inquiring mind recently wrote:
>maybe this is the most stupid question in the world, but how can I know 
>that before someone tells me?
>Why is there no multi-op/single band section in WPX? You can do single band
>as single-op or all band as multi-op. How about something in between for
>little teams?
>I would have liked to participate in the contest with a friend of mine
>but we both didn't want to spend the whole weekend in an all band effort.
>Our idea was to take part on one of the upper bands during the day and do 
>other nice things during the night (yes, there are. Try to remember the time
>before you started contesting :)). 
>I think the contests are loosing quite a lot of activity by little teams if 
>they don't allow single band operation for them. My friend and me will not
>take part in WPX now. That's no loss at all for WPX, but a big loss for my
>friend and me.
Good News
Multi-operator/single-band operation is permitted in the WPX Contest.
The scores can even be reported as being part of either the MM or MS
A nice feature of the contest is that you are allowed to spend as little time
in it as you want. It is perfectly legal to do other nice things at night,
even those you might have done before taking up contesting. I have personally
operated much less than full time in the WPX Contest, and can attest that my
score has not been disqualified.
The contest has another nice feature in that recognition is usually given, in
print, to those who achieve the higher scores. The higher scores are usually
achieved by a combination of 1) effort and skill setting up stations, 2)
effort expended during the contest, and 3) operating skill. The contest can
give you incentive to improve both your station and skills.
If you operate during self-limited hours, or on self-limited frequencies, you
should certainly receive great enjoyment from that effort. However,
participation in the contest is generally large enough that others are likely
to achieve higher scores, and therefore, are likely to receive more
recognition in the write-up than you will. They are also likely to receive
more recognition from their contesting peers.
Recognition from effort in radio contests is very similar to recognition from
effort in other nice things in life, such as school or work. It is possible
to treat any of them casually, and live a fun-filled life. You are also
likely to find others will achieve more and receive more recognition than
I hope I am not too late to encourage your participation in the WPX contest,
even as multi-operator/single-band. I will also encourage you to get really
sporty, even with a little team, and experiment with your band-switch. Band-
selection decision-making opens up another area to demonstrate mastery of the
radio communication art. It should enable you to both increase your score and
operating-enjoyment, as well as build up your contesting skills. Some day you
may be able to successfully compete and earn significant recognition for your
efforts, if by any chance, recognition is one of your goals.
Dick Norton, N6AA    ae327 at LAFN.ORG


>From k0wa at (Lee Buller)  Fri May 24 20:20:45 1996
From: k0wa at (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 14:20:45 -0500
Subject: On removing CW
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At 12:58 PM 5/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-05-23 23:39:59 EDT, you write:
>>"DFREY" said it so well!!  The most basic emergency --radio will only turn
>>on and off-- can still be solved with Morse.  What can our leaders be
>>thinking!?!   de K4VUD
>While that was a good technical reason, the issue runs deeper than that. And
>yes, Amateur equipment sales are generally question about that.
>All that in spite of no code! 
>I wonder how many DXers would chase DX if everyone could receive the highest
>award or country total with little or no effort?
>How many contesters would contest if everyone could achieve the same award or
>points total with little or no effort?
>In the process of lowering standards so everyone can achieve equally without
>regard to capability or effort, we are slowing ruining every technical field,
>not just Ham radio. It's all part of the process of "dumbing down".
>Of course no one builds anything it cars or radios. Most people
>no longer understand how to build anything, or want to spend the time or
>effort necessary.
>73 Tom

This is the truth of the whole matter!!!!!!   This is not only happening in
ham radio, but in the schools as well...from Kindergarten through Ph.D.
level.  If anything, we should up the ante....

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Lee Buller
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