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>What gives, is that foot traffic is a drag on sales..... A multi thousand
dollar sale on the
>phone usually takes less than ten minutes and leaves the clerk free for six,
>or more, additional sales in that hour... Foot traffic will take more than
>hour for one multi thousand dollar sale, and OFTEN does not consumate the
>purchase in the end... Those businesses who will survive in ham radio (and
>many others) will put more of their salary dollars into phone / internet
>sales, and less into store front sales... The evolution of society
>continues... Love it - or - Leave it... You have no other choice...
Hi, Denny --

      Yes, many times a "real" customer is left standing whilst the
salesperson answers the phone.  Yes, being able to visit a radio store, ask
questions and spin a couple of knobs is highly desireable.  Unfortunately
many of those "tire kickers" leave and call the 800 numbers to get the "best
price".  So much for customer loyalty.

      In addition, the current crop of no-coders has a limited knowledge of
things electronic and radio-related.  The aforementioned retailer now has to
spend hours babysitting this new ham/customer through programming their HT,
explaining what the difference between 2M antennas is, etc. or related topics
that the new ham/customer neglected to find out by reading (or learning) the
manual or literature.  

    BTW, Ham Radio Outlet does the majority of their business with walk-in
customers, their local marketplace.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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