Re-building my station

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Thu May 30 13:14:15 EDT 1996

SUBJECT: Re-building my station
I am in the process of putting up my station at the new location.I will have
7 acres with 3 flat acres and woods for beverages.  Since I am re-doing the
whole thing inside and out I am looking to avoid any problems and get it
as right as I can the first time.

I am asking what things should I remember to do?  or not the station
layout or tower instillation.
- make the operating desk on wheels for ease of maint.
- put 2 outlets for 220 in the shack
- use lots of light in the shack
- what kind of chairs are any better than others
- put the Ployphaser stuff at the towers?  can i put 2 of them in series
- put the monitor up slightly..
 the station will be for Multi-single or Multi 2    I plan on at least 4 towers
and assorted wires...
Any comments will be appreciated
Sam K9SD      K9SD at


>From n4zr at (Pete Smith)  Thu May 30 19:24:12 1996
From: n4zr at (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 11:24:12 -0700
Subject: Promoting Contesting
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>At 10:42 AM 5/30/96 -0400, Dave Thompson wrote:
>>  Bill Leonard, W2SKE's article
>>explained amateur radio and then slid right into "being in competition."
>>Bill was an op at K2GL and I found I already knew HH2Z and KH6IJ as I had
>>already worked them.  You can view "The Battle of The Hams" at Ham Radio
>>OnLine on the World wide web.   The article was in the June 30, 1958 issue.
>>What we need is the same type of article today...Bill Leonard W2SKE is no
>>longer with us but surely there is a ham who could paint this same type of
>>picture in 1996.  I heard K6DXK on 20 (I don't think he contests any
>>more)..he of The French Atlantic Affair and many movies/books.  I heard Roy
>>Neal, K6DUE/4 calling ZL8RI a few evenings ago.  Perhaps one of them (or
>>someone you know) could put together the story tied into WRTC 96....and get
>>it published in a major magazine or as a newspaper article.    
>>This is my idea of real promotion.
>>73, Dave K4JRB
>This is a massively good idea.  In addition, given Roy's broadcasting
>connections, maybe a spot on one of the network evening news programs, with
>footage from the actual WRTC -- say on the following Monday night.  Given
>how we get our news these days, that might have more immediate impact, even
>though the print piece would have more staying power.  
>How about it, ARRL?
>Pete Smith N4ZR (n4zr at


Pete Smith N4ZR (n4zr at

>From DKMC at (McCarty, DK 'Dav)  Thu May 30 19:33:11 1996
From: DKMC at (McCarty, DK 'Dav) (McCarty, DK 'Dav)
Date: 30 May 1996 11:33:11 PDT
Subject: CW in Europe
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From: McCarty, DK 'David'
Subject:  CW in Europe
Date: 1996-05-30 13:16


A few posts ago someone said the CW proficiency in Europe is higher than in
the US.  My observations support this, somewhat, based on recent contest

WHAT does this mean? (is it higher on average--across the board-- or just a
larger 'elite'; is it an increasing phenomenon; etc?)

WHY is this?

HOW can this be translated to the US and JA?

dkmc at

>From k3lr at (k3lr)  Thu May 30 22:12:44 1996
From: k3lr at (k3lr) (k3lr)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 17:12:44 -0400
Subject: Tower Safety
Message-ID: <199605302112.RAA07910 at>

As the summer contest station antenna/tower building season is upon 
us, I thought the following news issue as reported in the May 4th 
edition of the Fort Meyers, FL NewsPress and reprinted in the 
May 1996 National Association of Tower Erectors newsletter, was 
timely.  If reading this post saves any injury, it has served 
a greater purpose.
Three men were dismantling an existing 290 foot guyed tower, 
with approximately 100 feet already on the ground. Two of the men
were at the 190 foot level getting ready to remove the next 
10 foot section, while a third worked was 60 feet below them 
removing tower section bolts. When both men at the 190 foot level
got onto the same face of the tower, the shift in weight
caused the tower to fold at the point where bolts had been 
removed. The two men fell - along with about 60 feet of
tower and the gin pole. Rescue workers removed the men from
beneath the tower debris and rushed them to a local hospital
where one man subsequently died and the other was placed under
intensive care in critical condition. The removal of the bolts
was apparently something they had done before and was being done
again to save time. Needless to say, time is no longer a factor.
If it isn't safe, don't do it. As W7NI said in one of his 
NCJ articles, " When you walk on ice you don't ALWAYS fall 
If someone has more information on this accident, please send
it to me.
Always think SAFE and 73!
Tim K3LR
k3lr at

>From va3wto at (VA3WTO,Rui)  Thu May 30 22:46:02 1996
From: va3wto at (VA3WTO,Rui) (VA3WTO,Rui)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 17:46:02 -0400
Subject: Ameritron AL-1200 Mod. Done
Message-ID: < at>

Tank you to all of you who did provide de info on wow to mod. the al-1200 to
work on 10/12,well the green wire was cut and every thing work`s 100%.
Special TKS to:
73 DE Rui.
           VA3WTO                                  Email: va3wto at
    / / /  Rui Wittwer                             Phone:416 656-5728		
   / / /   307 Caledonia rd                            
  \ / /    Toronto Ontario      VA3WTO is a member of the VA3SK contest team
 / \ /     M6E-4T4 Canada       please call us at the major Contests  
/ /|\
 / /
/ /|
 / |
/  | 

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Fri May 31 00:10:20 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 13:10:20 -1000
Subject: TU to Dave Sumner K1ZZ !!
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Ref: ITU Treaty and the Future of the Amateur Radio Service

At 23:44 5/29/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Trey, (and reflector group) I agree the issue has now been talked about, 
>it is now time for each to evaluate and choose to respond or not respond.
>My last public comment for now on this subject material is to pause and 
>say a rather large *** THANK YOU *** to Mr. Dave Sumner, K1ZZ !
Ditto on every point of Bill's post.  I too have written my bit,
and also say thanks to Dave Sumner.  Now we must trust in our
national representatives to do what is best for our mutual
interests as we look to the 21st century of Amateur Radio.

73, Jim, AH6NB

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Fri May 31 00:10:11 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 13:10:11 -1000
Subject: CW in Europe
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Look at the RUFZ scores posted occasionally here;  also
consider the World Telegraphy Championships held in,
I believe it was Hungary some months ago now. No
individaul or team was entered from the US, but
Japan did have a team,  tho did not do too well.  Eastern
Europeans have the high scores and records.  As they have
had "little" for decades,  what "hamming" they did from
home,  rather than National Club type stations,  was
evidently done with inexpensive CW,  they 
are very accomplished at it.  Of course as in the US,
many of the European operators were trained in various
military and government services by their nations.

73,  Jim, AH6NB

>From steven at (Steven Nace KN5H)  Fri May 31 00:28:40 1996
From: steven at (Steven Nace KN5H) (Steven Nace KN5H)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 17:28:40 -0600
Subject: CW in Europe
Message-ID: <23284029604467 at>

K5GN wrote:

>A few posts ago someone said the CW proficiency in Europe is higher than in
>the US.  My observations support this, somewhat, based on recent contest
>WHAT does this mean? (is it higher on average--across the board-- or just a
>larger 'elite'; is it an increasing phenomenon; etc?)
>WHY is this?

For your collection of opinions:

We cant run EU here, only S&P. Hope the spots change that. Perhaps a higher
20 mtr ant would help but...

About 95% of the EU CQers copy my call correctly, the rest got KN5S. This is
more prevelant for stateside guys than EU. Why is what you are asking. One
reason may be I never get to the lower layers of EU as the East coasters do.
I normally only work the big gun/club stns. If I were to get into the lower
layers, they may massacre my call at a higher rate. I know I get into the
lower layers of stateside guys, the 100 Q guys with 100 watts and a wire.
The correlation is there. The EUs aint any better or worse than the USA
brass pounders.

Now the Japanese are a different story. I can work several hundred in a
weekend. They always seem to copy numbers, calls, states, etc flawlessly.
Are they listening for 3 Qs before they answer a CQ? Another thing you must
consider when measuring proficiency.

Good luck in the search for the answer. If you come up with one, let us know.

de Hose KN5H

>From steven at (Steven Nace KN5H)  Fri May 31 00:41:32 1996
From: steven at (Steven Nace KN5H) (Steven Nace KN5H)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 17:41:32 -0600
Subject: Grab for 2M/70cm
Message-ID: <23413287504515 at>

At 08:02 PM 5/29/96 EST, K1DG wrote:
>Let 'em have it.

Sure, why not. 

>We can move all the clusters to 222 MHz or some other band. Or via little-LEO
>link via Internet.

Who needs clusters on 2 mtrs when there is Telnet. Didnt UPS want 220 a
while ago?

>So I say good riddance. THey can have 2 and 70.

Well, you may find some VHF contesters that will put up a fight. And lets
not forget about our EME buddies!

>Just stay the hell away from 15...

Must be nice.

de Hose  KN5H

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