Vanity calls - when can you use them?

Lee Hiers AA4GA aa4ga at
Fri Nov 1 03:16:08 EST 1996

On  1 Nov 96, Bill Turner wrote:

> If you, like me, are downloading the FCC vanity database every day, you've
> probably wondered when you can start using your new call.  Is it when you see
> your old and new call in the file, or do you have to wait till you have the
> paper in your hand?  I've looked through part 97 and this doesn't seem to be
> covered.  Anyone know?
W4WA saw his new call assignment on the net and called the FCC to 
find out.  They said he could go ahead and use it before he had the 
paper in hand, but to my mind, that doesn't seem proper.  

Of course, if I find out via computer Saturday afternoon that I'm
getting a new call, I may change my opinion!

BTW, both Ron's old call and new call appeared in the database for 
several days for some reason.

GL...keep waiting!


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>From n6bfm at (Bob Furzer)  Fri Nov  1 03:17:26 1996
From: n6bfm at (Bob Furzer) (Bob Furzer)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 22:17:26 -0500
Subject: There's a reason for software updates!
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Please re-send your e-mail.  I am using an older terminal here, and lost a
control sequence at the start of your e-mail.  Sorry for the request, but
this reflector has been very unstable since we stripped a gear.  The
replacement from the Babbage Wheel and Cog Company, never was quite as
reliable as the original.

Thanks,  ALGOL is!

At 08:21 PM 10/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm really getting tired of reading messages from people who complain about
>not being able to interface this or that....and then state that they are
>using an old version of software!
>Save yourself and everyone else here a lot of time and aggravation and make
>sure you are using the latest software version of whatever contest software
>you choose...BEFORE you start complaining!
>Subscribe to the appropriate reflector for your software and watch for 
>announcements on updates....then download them!
>Of course, always save the old version in case of new bugs...
>73, Tyler KF3P/V26TS

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