Part II Dunestar & I.C.E. Final Summary

C.T. Morton kt6v at
Tue Nov 5 10:45:48 EST 1996

Here are the final comments-tnx to everyone for so many responses-it's
been a great
help to me and many others.. Tom

I have a set of ICE filters and they seem to work OK.  Used Dunestar
when I
was at V7X, no problems.  I also have a set of the K4VX filters I
homebrewed.  They all work.  The only caution I would mention is that
slip of the antenna switch - transmit into wrong antenna or worse yet,
open circuit - and the filter may pop.  Usually this seems to hit the
mica cap.  I had a bunch of early ICE filters go bad - they replaced
for free so good service there.  I've had no problems with the
units, except for a couple of the above-mentioned antenna switching
mistakes.  I also use ICE filters on 2m and 6m.  The latter seemed to
reduce crud from Channel 2 as well as subbing for a low pass on XMIT.  I
also run an ICE filter on 160 meters all the time - knocks down a couple
birdies (one at 1830 - the product of 1080 and 750 AM stations).  These
of filters are practically a must at any multi-op contest station now.

                                Dan KL7Y

We use ICE bandpass filters on all stations here at N3RS.  Have had a
few of the 15M filters blow do to high VSWR on the input to the PA and
relatively high loss in the filter (~0.5 dB).  This only happens when we
drive the PA with a 150W xcvr such as the TS-950SDX.  They work well,
but are not as good as the "W3LPL" receiver bandpass filters we also
have on each station.  

73 de Sig, N3RS

ICE built us 200 filters in a week for WRTC-96.  I checked each and 
every one on an HP network analyzer, and they were all within spec.
All the filters worked fine in the WRTC contest, and all the teams
bought their filters ahead of the long waiting line.  ICE also built
us a set and shipped them to Quito, Ecuador overnight for our 1993
(oops, 1994) HC8A M/
S, which finished first in the world.  I recommend them as a very
good value for price.  There are custom filters with sharper bandpass
exotic situations, but these have worked for me.  I use the single
band filters, but I believe they have a switched filter setup also.

73 de Dave, W6QHS

Been using the 800-BPF here for two years.  Have two of them one on each
station and could not do MS without them.  Have had others but these are
the best.
Dick XE2DV

Both brands work well.  The advantage of the ICE is that it has a manual
bandswitch and indicators on the front, so you dont HAVE to have an
box to control it you use it for FD or DXpeditions or whatever.  It's
less expensive. The only downside is that it's a bigger box than the

Tyler KF3P

just had a wonderful (see below) weekend with two 1500 watt stations
linears were next to each other...both stations used ICE 419 multiband
Jim K1ZX

I use ICE filters when I single-op from GI0KOW.  These help cut down the
breakthrough on the second rig considerably.  I purchased them in July
when I was at WRTC in San Francisco.  We got a special rate of 20 USD
each (single band units) but I think they are normally 35-40 USD each.

They work quite well for what they are (2 coils and 3 capacitors) and
could probably be homebrewed quite cheaply.

I have never used the Dunestar filters, but in the future I will
probably get the Dunestar 600 and the Top-Ten Devices switchbox to plug
into the back of the rig for automatic filter changing.  It gets a real
pain when you want to change bands and have to manually change the
filters.  That's something to keep in mind.

Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG/AC6WI

>From lvn at (Larry Novak)  Tue Nov  5 18:35:13 1996
From: lvn at (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 96 13:35:13 EST
Subject: K3TLX Contest Registry - Update
Message-ID: <9611051835.AA12368 at>

CQ Contest DXpedition Registery.
Updated November 5, 1996

This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak at or via packet to K3TLX.

This will be my last posting before CQWW CW but I will take all changes
for submission to the next NCJ. My submission will go in on or before
November 15.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
ARRL SS SSB      VY1         Tim, VE6SH            Tentative
                             Postmaster at

CQWW CW          3DA0NX      ZS6CAX                SOAB, BOOKED AND CONFIRMED
                             zs6cax at

CQWW CW          3V8BB       Uli, DL2HBX           SOAB
                             ann at

CQWW CW          C6A         WA3WSJ and K3TEJ      Multi-Single (QSL via K3TEJ)
                             k3tej at

CQWW CW          CT9U        DL2HYH                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at

CQWW CW          CT3FN       HB9CRV                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at

CQWW CW ?        ED9EA/Ceuta Jose, EA7KW/EH7KW     multi-single
                             ea7kw at

CQWW CW          FS          K9VV                  SO, Booked
                             k9vv at

CQWW CW          HH2B        K0LUZ, NX4N, N4WW     M/S, High Power
                             k0luz at

CQWW CW          HS          WA0RJY                SO or part of a multi-op
                             oolon at

CQWW CW          J3          J3/WJ2O               Planning SOHP
                             WJ2O at

CQWW CW          J3          YCCC group (K1XM etal) Firm, booked. QSL via KQ1F.
                             young at

CQWW CW          5V5A        N7BG, G3SXW, etal     Multi-multi
                             trogo at

CQWW CW          HC8N        Trey, WN4KKN          Firm - QSL via AA5BT
                             trey at

CQWW CW          HR6         Roatan Is, WA6VNR      Booked
                             jhypna at

CQWW CW          J6DX        SW Ohio DXA            MS
                             millersg at

CQWW CW          KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW CW          V2          Larry, K3TLX           Reserved Single Op
                             lnovak at   ** The big 5-0 birthday bash **

CQWW CW          V85HG       JO1RUR, JO1BMV         Planned M/S
                             jo1rur at

CQWW CW          VP2EV       AA7VB                  FIRM M/S 
                             AA7VB at

CQWW CW          VP2E        AA3B                   SOLP, all-band
                             cwtrench at
   (Surprise birthday present from wife ... nice wife!!)

CQWW CW          VP5EA       Dave, WD5N             SOLP, Reserved
                             wd5n at

CQWW CW          ZF2RF       K4UVT etal             confirmed multi-single
                             k4uvt at

CQ 160 MODE?/97  ZF          WA6VNR, W6OSP          Booked, Call ZF1A
                             jhypna at

CQ 160 CW        P40WA       John K9UWA & Jean N9PXF
                             k9uwa at

CQ160 SSB        VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

CQ160 SSB        KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO
                             readerl at

ARRL DX CW       6Y          Ken, WM2C etal         Planned M/2
                             ken.silverman at

ARRL DX CW       FG          FG/WJ2O                Planning SOHP
                             WJ2O at

ARRL DX CW       KH6        Jim, N6IG    Probable SO/HP/AB.
                            n6ig at 

ARRL DX CW       KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO
                             readerl at

ARRL DX CW       PY0FF       W9VA                  SO or M/S.
                             W9VA at

ARRL DX CW       VP2EV       AA7VB                  FIRM S/O
                             AA7VB at

ARRL DX CW       VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

ARRL DX CW       VP5         Joe, K8JP              Reserved
                             palooka at

ARRL DX CW       ZF2NE       Joe, W5ASP             SO
                             Jastaples at

ARRL DX SSB      C6          Glenn, WA0PUJ           Reserved
                             palooka at

ARRL DX SSB      J37K        J37K                   single op
                             hflasher at (willing to go to M/S or M/M)

ARRL DX SSB      KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO or M/S
                             readerl at

ARRL DX SSB      V26B        SMC/FRC combined force Firm multi-op
                             blckhole at (WB9TIY)

ARRL DX SSB      V31DX                              multi-single
                             jdowning at

ARRL DX SSB      VP2V        KK9A                   20M single band.

ARRL DX SSB      VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

WPX CW/97        VP2MEJ      Joe, W5ASP             SO
                             Jastaples at

CQWW CW/97       ZK1AAU (North Cook)  AA8U etal     Multi-Single
                             aa8u at

ARRL 160/97      ZK1AAU (North Cook)  AA8U          Planned
                             aa8u at

     | Larry Novak            \-\-\         email:   lnovak at |
     | Century Computing, Inc.  |             Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
     |      |   Amateur Radio:    K3TLX, C6AHE  |
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>From shawcorj at (Charles Shaw)  Wed Nov  6 00:15:15 1996
From: shawcorj at (Charles Shaw) (Charles Shaw)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 16:15:15 -0800
Subject: CT Bug?
Message-ID: <199611060015.QAA04745 at>

Hello All:

Discovered during CW SS:  

When entering EMA or WMA during the contest, I failed to strike the "E" or
"W" leaving just MA.   The program took it and wrote it to disk as MB.  This
was not noticed until later, when it produced a quick hunt for an
"unremembered" MB shown in the sections worked window (without results).  It
took some sleuthing today to find what had happened.

73,     Charles
  Charles W. Shaw        	  NEW MEXICO
  4106 W. Alabama     One of Our 50 States is NOT Missing.	
  Hobbs, NM  88242	    (At least, on TOP BAND)
  <shawcorj at>           KB5UL

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