One PC, Two Monitors

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Wed Nov 6 01:43:18 EST 1996

I don't think it can be done without some very sophisticated software, which
would probably cost more than 3 or 4 new PCs. You can use 1 PC to drive
2 monitors, but your best bet would be to have a small window in the
logging program which displays the grey line. Logger, by N6BFM does this
and you might ask him. ( n6bfm at BTW "Logger" is a general purpose
program, not a contest type....but what a program...It tracks Sats, shows
footprints, grey line, can connect to 3 different packet system ( HF,
VHF, and Telnet ) simultaneously. Bob uses a cute trick for the grey line
which really makes it incredibly accurate. He told the program the Sun
was a Sattelite revolving around the Earth!! Incredible. Maybe he would
make it available as a TSR.

73, Ed
Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb at
Date: 11/6/96
Time: 1:43:18 AM

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