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Wed Nov 6 09:58:07 EST 1996

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>I hope that someone (WA4ZXA?) volunteers to summarize the new 
>callsigns. Please refrain from posting individual calls to the 
>reflector. Much obliged....

      Personally, I'm getting a kick out of it.  Come on, Barry, this is
better than CHRISTMAS!  Remember how you watched the mailbox everyday waiting
for your first license?  This is probably the only other time in your ham
life to elicit such anticipation and excitement.  

73,  Steve  K7LXC (no change here)

>From HATCHED3 at (Hatcher,KD,NAT31,HATCHED3 M)  Wed Nov  6 13:36:00 1996
From: HATCHED3 at (Hatcher,KD,NAT31,HATCHED3 M) (Hatcher,KD,NAT31,HATCHED3 M)
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 96 13:36:00 GMT
Subject: M6T CQWW SSB web page now up
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Hi everyone,

Just to add to Andy Cooks' (G4PIQ) mail regarding the M6T CONTEST score and 
story, we have just uploaded pictures from this years CQWW SSB event. If you 
need QSL information, etc, details are also there.

So, if you want to know more then check out the following page:

There are also some pictures and other bits on CQWW SSB 95, along with a 
breakdown by band over the weekend in 1995.

All the best,

Darren Hatcher - G0WCW
hatched3 at
Voice:(01473)644786 Fax:(01473)643019

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