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Talked to Bob, N6BFM and he confirmed you can do it with grey line as

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Date: 11/7/96
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Subject: Manitoba and CT section files
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Apparently some of you didn't look at the section files for CT.  MB *is* a
listed abbreviation for Manitoba.  MA is an alternate abbreviation, in
case (and more likely on phone) someone types in Manitoba (or part of it)
as the section.

It's not a matter of *changing* MB to MA.  It's just a matter of
*allowing* MA to be used as a *possible* abbreviation for Manitoba.

- Jim AD1C

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Subject: Please, callsign announcements
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On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 09:58:07 -0500, Steve wrote:

>      Personally, I'm getting a kick out of it.  Come on, Barry, this is
>better than CHRISTMAS!  Remember how you watched the mailbox everyday =
>for your first license?  This is probably the only other time in your =
>life to elicit such anticipation and excitement. =20
>73,  Steve  K7LXC (no change here)
AMEN!  This is fun guys, bring 'em on.

73, Bill W7TI (ex-W7LZP)
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