PacketCluster & New Calls

Bill Hider n3rr at
Thu Nov 7 04:29:26 EST 1996

stuthill at wrote:
> Like many of you out there I maintain a PacketCluster node
> for my fellow contesters and DX-ers. Also, like many of
> you I received a new callsign yesterday. My question is:
> Does anyone know what I/we have to go through to change
> the node configuration to support our new calls? If I
> remember the node callsign is hard coded into the .exe
> file and is not user changeable. (A fairly effective
> form of copy protection in this case.) If I need
> to get a new version of the software, who do I have
> to talk to?
> Thanks for your help....
> Scott/K7ZO stuthill at
I have the answer to this question.  SYSOPS, please send me a email
direct and I'll be glad to respond to you directly.


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