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Fri Nov 8 11:21:41 EST 1996

David Clemons wrote:
> Hi,
>         How do you pick which call to answer when two or three people
> answer your cq? 

I try to take the one that will be most likely to keep my rhythm and
going the best.  If a "short" guy and a "long" guy answer, I probably
the short guy first.  If a guy sounds snappy and quick vs. one who
hesitant, the snappy guy gets the answer.  Of course, I HOPE the other
doesn't take it personal and leave (it sure happens a lot though). 
isn't just a casual operator phenomena.  I've had "big" guys only call
too.  Maybe they feel they can't wait for another Q because, they too,
trying to keep THEIR rhythm going.

>         Now, change the scenario slightly.  If you don't recognize any of
> the calls, how do you guess which one to take first? 

I never equated RECOGNITION with who I work.  KR0Y, W9RE and K1AR all
the same as Willy-Billy-five-Willy-Billy-Willy-por-toe-ball
to me (as long as there's no new mult involved).  Of course, I would
could work any of the first 3 with a bit better rhythm.

> However, I am somehwat dismayed to see all my years of learning other people's
> calls now going down the drain :-(.   What do I do now when I am called by
> the likes of N9GG or N5KO or K1JA (to name only a few)?  Who the heck are
> they - are they contesters or what?

What difference does it make WHO they are ??  They're POINTS.  I'm not
going to:
a) rag chew with them
b) waste time calling by name and wishing them well
c) get mad because I think they're BIG TIME and beating me
d) wonder if they're REAL contesters and if they deserve my Q

> p.s. I predict a slight advantage in DX Contests during the next couple
>      of years for those well known operators who did not change their calls.

Yeah - probably.  The multitudes of casual guys are probably more likely
to give 
a Q to someone they recognize.  Even if the strange calls ARE 50 over 9

By the way, in this age of flame, please be aware that ANYTHING above
that sounds
like a flame is not a flame - just typed tongue in cheek with a smile...

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