Bud k4isv at westky.com
Sat Nov 9 01:19:22 EST 1996

I am looking for any information concerning repair of DRSI boards.  I
have two of the boards each damaged by lightning. ( 3 different hits
this summer).  I have called DRSI in FLA and was told they will no
longer repair.  

I would also like to comment on how much i enjoy the reflector.
Lots of good comments and information.  

Contesting from western Ky is a task but a most enjoyable one.  Over the
years the antennas have grown from a long wire out my bedroom window
to several towers and yagi antennas..... For those who enjoy it the
work  in "growing a station" is as much fun as operating-- maybe more!

This is my first attempt to send a comment.... with my computer
knowledge it will probably not leave the local area.

73- bud- K4ISV

>From ea7cez at arrakis.es (Angel M. Claus)  Sat Nov  9 00:57:12 1996
From: ea7cez at arrakis.es (Angel M. Claus) (Angel M. Claus)
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 01:57:12 +0100
Subject: November CQ/10 Meter Contest Canceled?
Message-ID: <199611090057.BAA16507 at theilax.arrakis.es>

At 08:31 8/11/96 -0700, Matt (K7BG) wrote:

>Left the recvr turned up, played with the kids,
>and if a signal popped through I ran for the shack. You NEVER know what's
>gonna happen in this one.

Hi All,

I'm completely agree with Matt, I did 140 Q's only CW in abt 33 hours. While
talking on my uhf radio with my friends, the CT program was CQing for me. I
thought the contest was finished for me at 18'34z, but continued calling,
and at 19'04z , Oooops, I heard, or better say, I supposed to hear somebody
calling , few dih dah, Wow, ZL1AXB, new multi.  After 45 minutes, at 19'50z
, again something heard, dih...dah..., CP8XA, the last Qso with a new multi
in the log.

What would have happened if I would have turned off my rig at 18'34 ????; If
no Q's, at least CBers can remember during those days that 10 meters are
still in use, hi =A1

73 de Angel,  EA7CEZ
ea7cez at arrakis.es

>From w8lr at juno.com (Jerry L Rogers)  Fri Nov  8 23:21:50 1996
From: w8lr at juno.com (Jerry L Rogers) (Jerry L Rogers)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:21:50 EST
Subject: VANITY CALLS (random?)
Message-ID: <19961108.182152.7535.1.W8LR at juno.com>

Well folks. Though it may not be true.......after looking at the
"evidence" I think there are some valid concerns about how the vanity
calls have been assigned. SORTA REMINDS ME OF SOME CLAIMED SCORES in
this last CQWW SSB test; forgive me ...I digress. I have downloaded and
examined the file for day 1 of Gate 2 and the file contains new issues,
AND VANITY with dates of 9-23, 9-24, 9-25, 1996. I was led to believe,
by the FCC help desk, that all of the Gate 2 day 1 applications were to
be by themselves with no other license applications/assignments. Maybe
this file is an appended file but if that is the case then the Gate 2
day 1 calls were run a multiple of times and not the 'one" that it was
told to be. There are areas in the file where calls are in alpha numeric
order....not RANDOM as was thought to be.

ALSO on the STRANGE side, I saw a call that was an AT6??......LAST TIME I
CHECKED THE AT prefix was assigned to INDIA not the USA. Can someone
please fill me in on what the deal with this call is? 

Granted this is all "circumstance" but many a person is in prison based
on "circumstance".

Jerry W8LR (my 2nd choice...or was it 25th...did I even request this?)
(hi hi)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT....the FCC help desk during the past two days has and by
two different people, has told me that the processing of GATE 2 DAY 2
calls are in "limbo" because some people have filed something called a
"petition for reconsideration" regarding day 1 processing. I was
RELUCTANTLY told that there was a problem with a "courier" and the
arrival times of some day 1 applications. Nothing else was told to me.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US! (wonder if i'll have this call for CQWW CW?)

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