SS CW scores were down - WHY?

K1to at K1to at
Sat Nov 9 17:48:53 EST 1996

As usual, I had fun in SS CW this year.  Hearty thanks to the White family
for hosting me for my first Florida SS operation...

Clearly, scores were down this year.  This holds true in all categories.

With such good A and K-indices, were conditions too good?  I read several
postings that alluded to DX calling in more than usual.  

Were there other factors that affected activity levels?  I and many others
noticed a significant drop in rates on Sunday.  Was the weather particularly
nice up north, leading to outdoor activities replacing SS for the casual
participants?  (I can ask that, being a Floridian now!)?  Were the football
games particularly interesting?  Was 60 Minutes more riveting than normal?

Are we just so increasingly efficient that we can work each other quicker and
quicker each year?  (Jim and I went to sleep with #968 in the log, I think.)
 On CW especially, there is a finite number of QSOs available.  Nonetheless,
that would not account for why there were 100+ more stations to work last

Are we just at the bottom of the sunspot cycle and SS is just not appealing
any more?

Is it, as one poster suggested a while back, related at all to the
announcement in QST?

This has the potential to be an interesting thread.  As soon as it doesn't,
please refrain from posting...

73, Dan, K1TO/4 (opr. at K1ZX Multi-Single)

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