K4UVT at aol.com K4UVT at aol.com
Sun Nov 10 11:21:30 EST 1996

Please include the following in your DX and Contest bulletins:

ZF2RF will be active during the CQ Worldwide CW Contest in the Multi/Single
category, all bands 160M thru 10M.  Operators to date include K4UVT (ZF2RF),
 K9LA (ZF2AY),  K9MK (ZF2MK),  N5HRG (ZF2HR) and N9NS.  Indivudual operators
will also be active outside the contest on both CW and SSB during the period
November 21 -29.

QSL for ZF2RF via K4UVT at PO Box 231240, Montgomery, AL,  36123-1240 with
SASE or via bureau (any addresses for K4UVT other than in Alabama are no
longer valid).  QSL contacts with individual operators via their home call

73 and hope to CU in the pile-ups!!

Bob  K4UVT

>From slazar19 at sgi.net (Spike Lazar)  Sun Nov 10 16:59:37 1996
From: slazar19 at sgi.net (Spike Lazar) (Spike Lazar)
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 11:59:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Chat Room Contest & Contest Spotting
Message-ID: <199611101659.LAA11833 at orion.bv.sgi.net>

Recently I installed mIRC V4.6 software for undernet Chat Rooms. VHF 
Packet, Telnet clusters, and Chat Rooms have some similar properties.
I suspect not in the distant future VHF DX & Contest packet spotting
will die a quick death, with more and more operators opting for Telnet
Clusters for all the right reasons.

I can see big contest clubs opting for a closed system using Contest
Chat Rooms for their own members, while still monitoring Telnet Packet
Clusters for spots outside their system.

Also sometime soon I can envision Contest Chat Rooms for short Sprint
Contests (not as a substitute for radio contesting) but maybe a way
of encouraging keyboard hams to dabble in contesting without radios
and maybe graduate into the real thing or a thing to do when you have
nothing better to do.

I'm waiting for Tree to develope software similar to dx talker for 
contests, as you tune across the cw band it talks the message into
your ear phones, and as you speak into your mic it converts it back
to cw, maybe all cw contests will be running at 400 wpm and now you
could also have an ssb contest with narrow band widths for better weak 
signal communications.

dr. Bafoofnik

ps, Lets see if new calls create more World Class Operators! a huh 

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