TIC ringrotor control box smoke

Keith Morehouse - W9RM blckhole at ripco.com
Mon Nov 11 11:41:23 EST 1996

After getting the control box hooked up again for my RingRotor, I had an
interesting "failure" and am curious if anyone else has ever had this
happen with a TIC controller.

After plug in, AC power was applied to the box and the meter swung to
the correct direction.  I turned the preset knob and started the motor.

After about 30 degrees of rotation, the meter pilot lights suddenly
increased in brightness, followed immediately by loud component frying
sounds from inside the box and an immediate LARGE cloud of smoke.  Power
off, 4 letter words on...

To shorten the story, the ZNR (transient suppressor) on one of the motor
lines let loose as only ZNR's can, filling the inside of the box with
ash and smoke debris.  Man, it was REALLY smoked.  After checking
(again) for cable errors and removing the remains of the ZNR, the
controller worked just fine.  No problems...

A glance at the rest of the ZNR's showed a part number ending in 220. 
According to my catalogs, that means a max DC voltage of 18V !  The
motor on a TIC runs off a nominal 24V and mine reads 30V when turning. 
Does the controller have a larger ZNR on the motor line or did somebody
screw up and it just took this long for it to blow ???

I'm not going to reinstall a ZNR in the box because I have all the
control lines shunted by them (65 volt rated) at the shack entrance

Comments ??  The shack is gonna smell like fried ZNR for weeks - those
things are nasty...

Now - back to vanity call s..t !

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Subject: We have a coward on the reflector it seems
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Hi everyone,

I got this in my mail from someone who obviously is on the reflector but
who is obviously too
afraid to have an oppinion and stand behind it. I will not dignify such a
mail with a real answer
but I gladly answer all mail with a real sender even if I don't share an

73 de Mats

P.S I just though people would like to know what mail can show up=20

At 15.36 1996-11-10 -0600, you wrote:
>You are such a jerk.  If you want to conserve bandwidth, why is your "sig"
>so long?  You are also a lid, ever since you were a little kid, you are
>jetting all over the world doing "expeditions" and begging for our money.
>Grow up!

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