Dream logger

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Nov 11 21:27:54 EST 1996

I have received some interesting comments about my 'dream' logging
program.  Thanks to all who replied and sent encouraging comments.
I have done some more thinking and have convinced myself that the
concept is sound even if lots of questions about implementation

To move this along i will start a section of my web site devoted to
the design and implementation.  It would be nice if someone else
could set up a mail reflector.  (my isp told me a while ago that 
if i wanted one it could be set up, but last month my web pages 
were generating 7% of their web server activity and i don't want 
to push them too hard)  I think a mail reflector would be a better
medium for an ongoing discussion, where the web pages would be useful
for capturing and distributing the current status.

k1ttt at berkshire.net   or   robbins at berkshire.net

>From john.lash at yale.edu (John Lash)  Mon Nov 11 22:24:53 1996
From: john.lash at yale.edu (John Lash) (John Lash)
Date: 11 Nov 1996 17:24:53 -0500
Subject: DVP Board ordering info
Message-ID: <n1364389151.48395 at QuickMail.Yale.edu>

                      Subject:                              Time:  16:57
  OFFICE MEMO         DVP Board ordering info               Date:  11/11/96

Since I'm sure I'll start giving out my old call once the contest incoherence
sets in, I've decided to let a DVP board do the talking while my fingers are
doing the walking in this year's Phone SS, but I don't know where to get one.  I
called the number K1EA software gave me for LZ Engineering,  (617) 646-7490, but
got a voice mail system.  I tried leaving a message, but haven't gotten a call
back.  Is this the right place to call?

formerly We Aspire 2 Stop This Madness

>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Mon Nov 11 22:35:30 1996
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 16:35:30 -0600
Subject: Auto-speed CW

	>>- CQ at a speed (eg. 30 wpm) that most everyone can get your 
        >>call after >a time or two. 

	>I think this is part of the problem. You are assuming that 
        >neophyte contesters can "get" a call sent at 30 wpm. I'm here 
        >to tell you this is incorrect. Getting the callsign of a fast 
        >CW station is probably the hardest part for a slow CW op. 
        >The exchange is slightly more predictable. The callsign could 
        >be just about anything.       [AA4LR]

I dunno how you learned to copy Morse code, but the first thing I ever 
copied after starting to learn it was a callsign, one letter at a time - 
i.e. get the first letter, then try for the second one the next time it 
was sent, and so on.   Turned out to be the guy in the next street, but 
it was a major thrill to decode it.

Same thing with the CW Sprints.   I made 7 Qs the first time I tried,
(it scared me - well, it still does...).  If I'd never heard CW faster
than 20 wpm, there would never have been any incentive to go faster
than that.   I did get one "QRS" in the CW SS, I slowed down, and then
had to try to lead the op through the whole exchange.  After several 
minutes of this, I had to abandon the attempt.

I realize that some people are discouraged rather than challenged when
they hear 'fast' CW.   After hearing a good violinist, I feel more like 
jumping up and down on my violin than going home to practise.  So I
don't mind slowing down for a slower op, but I'm not sure that I'd want
a computer to do it for me, and to assume that the op hasn't made any
progress since the last time we worked.

True story - when Tree worked our campus station in CW SS last year, he 
assumed that I was the op and cranked his speed way up.  But at the time, 
the op was someone who's happier at a much slower speed and wondered what
he had done to deserve this burst of machine gun fire.

As usual, some sort of compromise probably works....

Derek A + A + 5 + B + T, G + 3 + N + M + X
oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu

>From ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN )  Mon Nov 11 23:52:36 1996
From: ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN ) ( IK0HBN )
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 00:52:36 +0100
Subject: Trouble with E-mail
Message-ID: < at net.isa.it>

Hi everybody.
For a reason I cannot explain to myself, all the reflectors messages of
today 11 Nov. went lost. I saw Eudora downloaded them, but at the end,
nothing was written on hard disk.
As I saw a message concerning ORION 2800 rotator, I pray whom sent it to me,
to send it again. Of course it's the same for all the others who wrote
something to me in this last day.

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
home telephone: +39 (0) 761-407543  (FAX on request)
E-mail: ik0hbn at isa.it
packet adr: IK0HBN at I0INU.IUMB.ITA.EU
DX cluster : IK0HBN > I0JBL-6

>From k4wa at mindspring.com (Steven R. Schmidt)  Mon Nov 11 23:52:26 1996
From: k4wa at mindspring.com (Steven R. Schmidt) (Steven R. Schmidt)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 23:52:26 +0000
Subject: Amplifier information
Message-ID: < at pop.mindspring.com>

Someone recently directed my to a web site that had a rather nice summary of
amplifiers, and I've lost the address.  If you know where it is, could you
please send me the address?  Thanks in advance and sri for the bandwidth.

Steve  K4WA  (ex KR4DL)

>From hlserra at pwa.acusd.edu (H. L. Serra)  Mon Nov 11 23:57:02 1996
From: hlserra at pwa.acusd.edu (H. L. Serra) (H. L. Serra)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 15:57:02 -0800 (PST)
Subject: FCC Consumer RFI Guide
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9611111519.A8058-0100000 at pwa.acusd.edu>

Anyone know where I can quickly get ahold of 2 copies of the FCC RFI Guide?
73, Larry N6NC

>From phil at zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz (Phillip Conza)  Sun Nov 10 21:40:04 1996
From: phil at zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz (Phillip Conza) (Phillip Conza)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 09:40:04 +1200
Subject: Help DX Reflector @ VE7TCP
Message-ID: <32879d92.zl2tze at zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz>

Hi Guys,
          Thanks for the Info .. Looks like we could see the reflector back 

73 Phillip ZL2TZE
Phillip Conza
AX25                  ZL2TZE @ ZL2TZE.#73.NZL.OC
E-Mail private        phil at zl2tze.mlb.planet.gen.nz

>From wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner)  Tue Nov 12 01:39:52 1996
From: wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 01:39:52 GMT
Subject: Why park on the band edge?
References: <32867130.2117710 at mail.eskimo.com>
Message-ID: <328ad1ba.3250857 at mail.eskimo.com>

Thanks to all who responded to my queston about parking on the lower band=
during phone contests.  Of the 20 responses, most observed that it =
mostly in DX contests where it does indeed make sense, but that even in
domestic contests like SS there are some who do it.  The main reason =
given was
to eliminate QRM from one side - a good point.  Several also pointed out =
many operators have a habit of tuning from the lower edge up, which makes=
"parked" station first, of course.  A couple of fellows pointed out that =
might be done intentionally to slow things down a bit, although anywhere =
the Extra band would do it, not just on the edge.

Again, thanks fellows.  Food for thought.

73, Bill W7TI (ex-W7LZP)
wrt at eskimo.com

>From ac1o at gate.net (Walter Deemer)  Tue Nov 12 01:45:59 1996
From: ac1o at gate.net (Walter Deemer) (Walter Deemer)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 20:45:59 -0500
Subject: New Links On KM9P's Site
Message-ID: < at pop.gate.net>

You might want to check out the six new links I've just added to the lists
on the Contesting On-line (KM9P) site at:


Included are links to M6T and VB9DH, who did such a phenomenonal job in the
CQ WW SSB contest -- and who have web sites to match (with lots of really
neat photos!)  Pennsylvania QSO Party fans will also want to check out the
link to that contest in the Contest Club section.

Suggestions for the list are, of course, always welcome; we're always
looking for more hard-core contest sites for the lists!

73, Walt, KN4T (ex-AC1O)
WWW: http://www.4w.com/deemer; amateur radio, news, weather & financial info. 

>From km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA)  Tue Nov 12 03:51:38 1996
From: km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA) (Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 22:51:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contester Email Addresses
Message-ID: <199611120351.WAA24048 at paris.akorn.net>

After some help from George (N5TR?) and Jim (AD1C), and a few frustrating
hours of programming I have put the contester email addresses on the WWW.
You can now edit the database yourself when your email address, callsign, or
name changes.  You can also search for stations individually instead of
looking through the entire list.  

There is a link to it at http://www.contesting.com.

Oh... If you have a new callsign, add a new entry for it.  There is a field
for old callsign too.  And as always... let me know if you break it.  


Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA

>From WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault)  Tue Nov 12 11:27:36 1996
From: WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault) (Thomas Thibault)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 03:27:36 -0800
Subject: cqww log via email
Message-ID: <32885F28.30EF at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

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Thomas Thibault  DE WW1E
Packet Mail @ KC1XX
Email @ WW1E at worldnet.att.net

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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After cqww ssb contest I requested help, with where I could
send contest log submission to via email. Several requested
I forward the address to them well here they are thanks to
Bob Cox k3est's reply with the address for cqww ssb and
cqww cw.  Send cw log to cw at cqww.com and ssb to
ssb at cqww.com.

Several have asked what to send to cq when submitting logs
via email. For ct it's the bin file it must be named with
the call used in the contest ( ww1e.bin ).  Thats all they
need. It's the same as sending it on 3.5 disk.

Thankyou Bob I appreciate the help.

Thomas Thibault
Packet @ WW1E @ kc1xx


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