3V8BB qrv in CQ WW DX Contest CW

ann at ifn.ing.tu-bs.de ann at ifn.ing.tu-bs.de
Tue Nov 12 15:21:07 EST 1996

Hi CONTESTers and maybe some DXers who still need 3V8BB somewhere,

I will be heading for my first real pile-ups on Wednesday, Nov 20.
Thursday and Friday will most likely be spent to get to know the 
people at 3V8BB and to do some antenna work. I hope there will be 
some time left over to become familiar with pile-ups before the 
"big one" starts...

During the CQ WW DX Contest you can find me around .033 kHz ("BCC 
frequencies") at least on the high bands. I will have to see if 
this is suitable for the low bands as well.

        * Every QSO will be confirmed via the BURO! *

If you can't wait, direct submissions should go to my home address:

             Ulrich Ann
             Marienstr. 20a
             D-38104 Braunschweig

Sufficient return postage for overseas airmail currently is either 
2 US$ or 1 (one!) IRC. However I ask for some patience as I plan to 
have color photo cards printed.

73 es CU!  Uli, DL2HBX

  Ulrich Ann (DL2HBX)             | Internet: ann at ifn.ing.tu-bs.de
  TU Braunschweig                 |           u.ann at tu-bs.de

    Try the BCC homepage http://www.uni-erlangen.de./~unrz45/BCC

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