NA, SS and New Section

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Tue Nov 12 11:07:06 EST 1996

        gearing up for SSB SS here this weekend and I understand that there
is a new section (MAB? I think).  Question 1:  exactly what and where is the
new section ?  Question 2: how do I get NA to take the new section
abbreviation as a valid section?  Is it as simple as modifying the
multiplier abbreviation list to include the new section?  Please reply
direct so as to minimize reflector-clutter.

tnx de K4MW / Pete

>From wd8rin at (Bill Loviska)  Tue Nov 12 16:07:30 1996
From: wd8rin at (Bill Loviska) (Bill Loviska)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 11:07:30 -0500
Subject: auto speed cw
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These casual/budding cw operators that are the focus of this thread, how do
they get into *YOUR* database in the first place? If it's great for SS, one
Q is all it's worth. Unless you want them to work you qrs on all bands for
the practice. Are you going to use this same data the next year?

Kinda seems like a dead thread.


>From biss at (Robert Biss)  Tue Nov 12 11:07:54 1996
From: biss at (Robert Biss) (Robert Biss)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 11:07:54
Subject: TS-850 KEYING
Message-ID: <Q288A0DB at washer>

I just bought a brand new TS-850 a couple weeks ago and ran into a problem.

After playing with the built in keyer a while it was time to hook up the 
computer and an MFJ keyer to it.

It wouldn't key up with either!!!!  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so 
what was the solution.

I tried both the serial and parallel ports...Both interfaces work with 
another Kenwood radio.

I missed SS CW because of this too....

Any help would be appreciated.

73  bob  W8ZA  formerly k3znv

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