December CQ Contest out

Tue Nov 12 21:19:14 EST 1996

Winter has arrived here in North Carolina, with snow (OK, OK, I know those of
you in the Great Lakes area are wavelenghts-deep in it) in the mountains over
the weekend, frost on the ground and car windows (haven't found the scraper
yet from last winter, but that extra credit card does a reasonable job) every
morning.  Looks like it is too cold to think about going fishing any more
until spring.  So, now it's time for some serious contesting.  What better
way to get going than to read some articles about contesting; sort of gets
the blood flowing.  Picked up the December CQ Contest at the PO Box on the
way to work this morning.

Front cover photo of the JA3ZOH contest site in a field of Japanese green tea
(Hey, I could learn to drink green tea, to have a site like that), and a
feature article on page 6.  Good Job! CQ Contest staff for coordinating front
cover photo with feature article.

So what's inside .......

K3EST's editorial provides additional encouragment to get on during the
upcoming 10 meter contest (see you there!?).

Feature articles:  CQ WW at JA3ZOH, Mt. RF (cover story); Contesting From 235
Feet BELOW Sea Level (doesn't this make those of you with low antennas feel
better already!); and WRTC-96 From a DX Perspective (by S56A).

Regular columns:  Contest Breakdown - A New Look at the 95 CQ WW Contests; In
The Beginning - KB3AFT profile; Contesting History - contesting in the 1930s;
YL Contesting - What does it take to be a YL Contester (and Hey!, there is
even a great picture, on page 27, jsut barely missing the centerfold pages,
24-25); Up The Tower - the CDE/Hygain Story; Operating Techniques - station
layout for paper logging; Continental Countdown - history of amateur radio in
Luxembourg, Asia-Pacific Sprint #4 roundup, Spring 96 European Phone Sprint
results; Monthly Collectible - world all time CW zone leaders; and A
Conversation With - W7RM.

What!, you mean there is no article/column that provides a list of contest
goodies for your Christmas list, to give out to friends/relatives, :-).
 Guess you'll have to check some of the other ham magazines.

Good luck in the Phone Sweepstakes this coming weekend.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
henrypol at

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