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Wed Nov 13 10:39:52 EST 1996

 Tr> 97.307  Emission standards.
 Tr> (d) The mean power of any spurious emission from a station
 Tr> transmitter or external RF power amplifier transmitting on a frequency
 Tr> below 30 MHz must not exceed 50 mW and must be at least 40 dB below
 Tr> the mean power of the fundamental emission. For a transmitter of mean
 Tr> power less than 5 W, the attenuation must be at least 30 dB.
 Tr> A transmitter built before April 15, 1977 or first marketed before
 Tr> January 1, 1978 is exempt from this requirement.

Does this mean that you can operate at the band edge, but you gotta use
a "classic" rig?  ;)


 Tr> The only way to measure
 Tr> the occupied bandwidth is with a spectrum analyzer. I have a
 Tr> Hewlett-Packard 8568 in my shack to monitor my signal and those over
 Tr> the air. At the 26 dB down points most SSB signals are 3 KHz wide, but
 Tr> I've measured many over 5 KHz.

To the guy with the HP-8568: What is the typical BW of a SSB signal at the
40 dB down points? Which applies, -26dB or -40dB?  The -40dB figure seems
to be meant for SPURIOUS emissions. 

73 Bill N6CQ/3

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