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>To the guy with the HP-8568: What is the typical BW of a SSB signal at the
>40 dB down points? Which applies, -26dB or -40dB?  The -40dB figure seems
>to be meant for SPURIOUS emissions. 
>73 Bill N6CQ/3

97.307(b) overrides all the band edge chatter. Emissions resulting from
modulation MUST be confined to the band or segment available to the control
operator, and the splatter and clicks can not interfere with others on
adjacent frequencies.

97.307 (a) governs emissions inside the band where the control operator is
allowed to operate, when interference is not being caused. The equipment must
provide accepted bandwidth performance for the modulation mode according to
current good practice in this service.

Any spurs causing a problem are illegal, as are any modulation by-products
extending outside the band authorized for that mode or that control operator.

73 Tom

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