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Thu Nov 14 10:54:33 EST 1996

Hi All,

Part of this frustration has to do with expectation...When a customer
is told what to expect, and he buys into it but it turns out different
your satisfaction is lowered...

I'm not sure the FCC lied, but I do think they did the best they could. 
If you took part in the comments part of the vanity legislative process,
you would have seen many offers from skilled programmers to help out.

One slant on the way the process could have been run is to perform
an optimization on the allocation. At first I think it was assumed to
be first-come-first-served. But there are many simple codes to perform
optimization so that:

    1. The maximum number of applicants would have got grants,
    2. Of those grants, you would have received the highest possible
       selection from your list of 25...

In this day and age, this kind of optimization is trivial---I do it
every day on microwave and rf circuits. I just dont understand why
it wasnt done in this case...

They could have made more grants (and money) and had more satisfied

I dont think they will (or should) rerun it. And I think those filing 
lawsuits should get a life.

Food for thought, see you in the contest...

Kindest Regards,

Mike (K7FU --- 15th choice serendipitously reflects my confidence that 
               the allocation process was random)

>From mmarkkan at (Marko Markkanen)  Thu Nov 14 19:21:18 1996
From: mmarkkan at (Marko Markkanen) (Marko Markkanen)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 21:21:18 +0200 (EET)
Subject: OI7T in CQWW CW
Message-ID: <199611141921.VAA28145 at>

OH7AAC will use callsign OI7T in 1996 CQWW CW (M/S).

(SRAL has authorized OH7AAC to use callsign OI7T during 1996 CQ WW SSB/CW


You are welcome to visit our new WWW-page 

to get some more information about the station. We hope to have time to put
some more material to the page in very near future.

See you on all bands  ... GL !

Marko, OH7KD

  OH7KD  -  Marko Markkanen  -  Vuorela, Finland
  Packet  -  OH7KD at OH7RBA.#KUO.FIN.EU
  Internet  -  mmarkkan at

>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Thu Nov 14 20:42:05 1996
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:42:05 -0600
Subject: SS ck, club call??

	If I remember the rules it is the first year the 
        operator was licensed.

So a multi-op station changes its CK each time a new op takes over?   
Makes more sense for all the ops to use the year of the club's 
license.  At the U. TX club we always use 55, whoever is operating - 
we don't really know the correct year but it's nice on CW and at 
least we are consistent.  I can't really see a new club member
sending 96 and then we change ops and I send 87 (or do I use 58
for my first license, even though it wasn't from this country?).

As confused as ever,
Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at

>From mats.persson at (SM7PKK)  Thu Nov 14 21:12:16 1996
From: mats.persson at (SM7PKK) (SM7PKK)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 22:12:16 +0100
Subject: dxreflector, topband
Message-ID: <3.0b36.32.19961114221211.0070a534 at>

C21BH Nauru Updated information. Concerning the prefered frequencies.

Strategies and station information:

     Dates:      20 November - 27 November 1996=20
                        (including CQWW CW)

     Operators:  DU3YL, DU9RG, KJ4VH, K8YSE, JA1BK, JP1NWZ,
                 OH1RY, OH2BC, OH2BE, OH2BH and SM7PKK.

     Frequency Rooster. Note these are PREFERED frequencies.=20

           CW           SSB         RTTY

         1.828          N/A         N/A
         3.503/23       3.792       N/A
         7.003/23       7.085       N/A
        10.108          N/A        10.130
        14.003/23      14.215      14.082
        18.083         18.115      18.100
        21.003/23      21.255      21.082
        24.903         24.945       N/A
        28.003/23      28.475       N/A

     During the CQ WW CW Contest we will move to the lower end of
     the bands if we can't keep our prefered frequencies. Do remember=20
     that one station will remain on SSB during the contest!              =

     Station logistics:

     Station A:  This will be located in the main hotel, including=20
                 WARC-bands and probably one other major band in the=20
                 contest. FT1000MP and Alpha 91B with A3S and Create=20
                 80/40 vertical. Station Master The Old Timer himself.

     Station B:  With the best low-band location on the Island=20
                 together with OH1RY's expertise to generate super=20
                 160-80-40 signal. This can also do low-bands in the=20
                 contest. FT1000MP and OH1RY solid state amp with A3S
                 and dipoles for low-band. Station master OH1RY.

     Station C:  At the house of C21RK with the beam and amp.=20
                 This can run 20M thru 10M DX, including CQ WW CW.
                 TS940 and TL922, 3-el beam and some low-band antennas.
                 Station master KJ4VH.

     Station D:  At the main hotel JA1BK's Yeasu Radio and OH1RY solid=20
                 state amp with WARC band wire antennas.

73 from the C21BH team and CU on the bands!!

You can see more about this DX-pedition by going to the WWW address at the
end of this message.

SM7PKK			E-mail: mats.persson at
Mats Persson		The SM7PKK DX-Pedition Site-
Sweden			CW !!

P.S My logs are open forever.. ever.. ever..

I do not want to receive any MAILORDER offers of any kind to my e-mail

>From trogo at (Tony Rogozinski)  Thu Nov 14 21:24:51 1996
From: trogo at (Tony Rogozinski) (Tony Rogozinski)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:24:51 -0700 (MST)
Subject: FCC Lied?
Message-ID: <199611142124.OAA04581 at>

Do you guys really think the FCC is going to redo what's already been
done - if so - you're living in a dream world.  And, what's the point
the possession of a vanity call sign is not a life and death matter -
it's just a hobby!!!
I've been licensed for 39 years and I didn't get the one I requested
but SO WHAT!  For crissakes let it go and get on with more important
matters like contest related issues which is what this reflector
is all about!
I don't often say anything but enough is enough - get real!

Tony N7BG

                          Tony Rogozinki  N7BG/5V7BG
                            One of the "VOO-DUDES"
                             VooDoo Contest Club
                   I COLLECT TELEGRAPH KEYS AND "BUGS" - LET                  


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