Dr. Pepper/ A Correction

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Fri Nov 15 23:21:16 EST 1996


I believe I was the one who said that K3ZO drank Dr. Pepper during 
contests.  Fred was quick to point out in reply on this reflector that he 
USED to dring Dr. P but not more.  He now opted for healthful fruit 

I might also mention that Bob Cox K3EST, the eminent director of the CQWW 
contest, was also a consumer of Dr. P.  I saw him operate on more than 
one occasion for the entire 48 hours of the CQWW without sleep on no food 
and only a few bottles of Dr. P.  When we were both young men (back in 
the Middle Ages), he also could limit his trips to the bathroom to one 
per 24 hours.  He never told me how he was able to do that.

I personally drink carbonated beverages during a contest because I have a 
carbon dioxide deficit.  Were I to seriously operate an SS, I would 
recommend a quart of Jim Beam.  That would allow me to forget how 
hundreds of Qs Jeff Steinman was ahead of me.

Good luck in the SS.

Gene  W3ZZ

K7BG Matt Trott wrote:
> In the past I've never been an afficianado of Dr. Pepper as a contest swill,
> but someone within the last year or so mentioned that it is the drink of
> choice of K3ZO during tests. I've drained a 6 pack or so during the last few
> SS's and it has been intrumental in score improvement. Just thought I'd
> mention it if you need some extra help this weekend.
> As an aside, not to take anything away from the champ, but I'm sure that
> KRzeroY's Q total is due largely to his location in such a rare section. (I
> only had 31 NTX's).
> Good Luck,
> Lou Zinnette

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