Vanity refund

Fri Nov 15 21:47:47 EST 1996

      Okay, I'm prepared for the final beatin'. I hesitate to post anything
related to the "V" subject.  But, I don't post often and I really do need
advice filing for the refund of my 30 bucks.
      Talk about adding insult to injury, took half day off from work to get
to post office before closing (personal vacation time), spent 10 bucks for
special delivery by USPS, didn't get any requested call signs, will probably
be flogged for making this post on the reflector, and now have to beg for my
30 bucks to be refunded! Am I a loser or what?

      In retrospect, I have a good call sign as is (obtained, as I recall, in
the late '70s when the FCC last opened the door for this activity - maybe 5th
pick then), but really wanted a call from my current district with my
initials (Yeah, I know, but that's why they call it "vanity"). However, and
most emphatically, I ****DO NOT**** advocate any activity from myself or
fellow "losers" that would involve an FCC recall, litigation, or delay of
further processing of gate 2. I know there are many deserving souls about
that would much appreciate an unmolested post day 1 or second chance at a
coveted 1X2 or whatever call sign.

      There are probably some of you that have already been through the post
tramatic syndrome and who have wrestled with the 159 form for a refund.
Please hand me a crying towell and advise me regarding, in particular, what
to put in block 14B and how to indicate in block 16B funds due ME. I searched
the FCC web site but could find nothing specific.

      Looking forward to working as many of you in SS as my meager station
will permit.

Thanks and 73,

Roy    K9ER  -   formerly (and, apparently, always) K9ER


>From lare at (Larry Eckenrode)  Sat Nov 16 03:00:13 1996
From: lare at (Larry Eckenrode) (Larry Eckenrode)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 22:00:13 -0500
Subject: I asked for it
Message-ID: <328D2E3D.64B8 at>

And I got it.

Here's one of the many responses I got in responses to my previous 

"With your attitude Larry, you won't be missed a bit.
 Sorry you feel that way, but it's your choice.  
 Good luck in your next hobby.  You'll need it."

I will say that so far I have 24 messages in response.
All but 2 were very supportive.  Thanks guys.

Now if the silent majority out there were to send a message
to the master of this reflector, maybe he could put and end to
all this nonsense and get it back to contesting.

Larry, K2GN
(I'll take up no more of your bandwidth with this thread.
 And I hope others won't either.)

>From thompson at (David L. Thompson)  Sat Nov 16 03:20:03 1996
From: thompson at (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 22:20:03 -0500
Subject: 15M and 10M long path
Message-ID: <199611160306.WAA16427 at>

There was an excellent article on long this type of long path propagation in
QST or CQ this past
year.  The author had some excellent charts and showed how most of the
propagation was close to gray line.   Data came from the author and K2ARO.
Further in the article NT5C info is quoted (Maybe you remember where the
article is John???).

>From Georgia we do get long path openings to JA, VS6, 9M on 10 early in the
morning within a few minutes of sunrise.  In 1986 when I won the CQ WW SSB
single band USA plaque we worked VS6DO on Saturday about 2 hours after
sunrise at 59 + 20.   He was loud the next morning also.
I looked back at my log and few other Far east stations were fact
DU and two JA's
was the sum additional total!   Of course we worked numerous JA short path
in the evening.
I often listened to K2ARO (on back scatter) work all the stations listed and
only rarely heard them
for at least 1 hour if at all.

Another long path that is not what it was the last cycle low is 40 meters.
VK's boom in as usual, but JA are weak at best and we never did hear V85 or
9M although I heard EU working them.  Wonder why?    Havent tried 75 or 80,
but last cycle I worked often worked YB8WR and even worked the JT1/UA9 on 75
SSB at 2300 right after he worked K4JPD.   I notice that VK6ACY on SSB and
VK6HD on CW are quite weak at 2230Z whereas they often were 58 to 59 several
years ago.

John's (NT5C) quotes about working the middle East etc well after dark on 15
on long path is born out with several openings I happened upon.  In the 1988
CQ WW while at M/S N4HOH we worked several 4X's, A45 etc at 0500Z.  We were
working VK, ZL at the time!   When I was still in Mississippi in 1972 I was
working my friend MP4BIN (A92 now) on 20 and W5RR came up and said lets try
15. (0300Z).   MP4BIN was the only direct signal on the band at 57 and he
worked W5RR also at 57 on long path.  Path was short path from Mississippi.
Frank BIN was only 54 on LP for me.

Several times in and out of contests I have worked OH0 and OJ0 on 40 with
the beam over N. Africa (80 degrees).  Pointing the beam directly made the
signal drop off several S units.

73, Dave K4JRB

>From HWDX09A at ( ROBERT   REED)  Sat Nov 16 02:52:03 1996
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 21:52:03, -0500
Subject: Congradulations to K1KI
Message-ID: <199611160252.VAA03678 at>

Contesters can welcome a friend to the ARRL Board of Directors in Tom 
Frenaye, K1KI, the newly elected New England Division Director.

DXer and RTTY contester Frank Fallon, N2FF, was also elected to the 
ARRL Board of Directors for the Hudson Division.

Congradulations to both.


 73,   Bob Reed,  W2CE,  ex WB2DIN
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

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