fast and loose SS exchanges

Keith Morehouse - W9RM blckhole at
Mon Nov 18 14:50:38 EST 1996

Lee Buller wrote:
> I'm not to sure that you're correct in your assumption that the CALL
> SIGN has to be GIVEN in the exchange and in the exact order. 

I've always been of the opinion that the CALLSIGN WAS PART OF THE
EXCHANGE in SS.  If you don't send it, you're not playing by the rules.

This is pretty simple - is my opinion CORRECT or INCORRECT ??

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>From sbookout at (Steve Bookout)  Mon Nov 18 20:54:43 1996
From: sbookout at (Steve Bookout) (Steve Bookout)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 15:54:43 -0500
Subject: Incomplete Exchange
Message-ID: <199611182054.PAA17552 at>

>Why not just the state. No call, report, anything else. After all, the 
>intent of contesting is a big 'Q' total. Certainly not to gain
>proficiency as an operator! de KL7HF
A couple of comments and observations about this subject.

I don't think the focus of this contest and contesting in general is the
same as it was 40 yrs ago.  Ops probably took pride in their ability to
handle traffic accuratly.  Now, traffic handling is kind of a dinosaur; very
few do it.
Now the need is QUANTITY not quality.  If that is what the 'masses' want,
great.  Then lobby to get the rules changed.
If you can't play by the exiting rules, even if they don't 100% fit the
current times, then don't play.  There are enough other contests with
different rules and exchanges to suit everyone.

Experienced Ops shouldn't try to justify non conformance to the rules with
Again, if you don't like the rules, change them. Petition the League.

The only acceptable reason for anyone doing this is igorance. Which is
really ok, cuz it just means you don't have the knowledge.  This can be
learned. This should cover the 'newbie'.

If you know the rules and you KNOWINGLY decide to do otherwise, it's
cheating, even if your fellow contester will accept it.  Obviously, it's not
the worst manner of cheating, but in terms of 'black and white', it's cheating.

Some people seem to think that cheating is the same as contesting skill and
savvy. It's not.

73 from '2 cent alley', Steve, NJ4F

>From stevel at (Steve Lund)  Mon Nov 18 21:07:49 1996
From: stevel at (Steve Lund) (Steve Lund)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:07:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: QSO B4!!!!
Message-ID: <199611182107.AA258991270 at>

In a message dated 96-11-18 12:51:01 EST, Steve, K7LXC wrote:
> >During the CW weekend of SS, particularly the last few hours, I
> >received too many QSO B4 responses. I understand how it can happen but
> >I preface my exchange with the call of the station I'm working.
> >While these Q's are not uniques are there any attempts made to correct
> >for Q's claimed by only one of the operators?
> >
>      You call me while I'm running, I enter your call and CT pops up with
> **DUPE**, I don't work you.  If I haven't worked you before, how did your
> call get into my computer?
This is easy to explain as it happened to me many times during CW SS. For
whatever reasons many CW stations respond off frequency. If two guys are
CQing 500 Hz or so apart, it is not unusual for to both think that they
are working the same station. I know who I called. After this happened
a half a dozen times, I used the [Insert] = F2 + F5 rather than just the
Exchange (F5) key. This sends the callsign of the station that I'm working
before the exchange.

I also used the Alt-N (Note) feature to mark those QSOs where I was sure
that two stations thought they worked me. This should make it easier for
the log checkers to remove the QSO from the logs of those stations that
really didn't work me.

Steve K6UM (not WA8LLY/6)

>From thompson at (David L. Thompson)  Mon Nov 18 21:33:16 1996
From: thompson at (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 16:33:16 -0500
Subject: re-issue of K5MDX
Message-ID: <199611182120.QAA16582 at>

My old callsign K5MDX has been re-issued to the Magnolia Dx Association in
Mississippi.  It was issued with condition that the group be very active in
all the contests.   I told I'M I don't want any complaints.

Dave K4JRB
Firm believer in holding a call that matches the district if you must vanity!

>From jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker)  Mon Nov 18 21:26:09 1996
From: jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker) (Jim Fenstermaker)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:26:09 -0800
Subject: Incomplete exchange

>To: thompson at (David L. Thompson)
>From: jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker)
>Subject: Re: Incomplete exchange
>Do you really think a causual operator that gets between 1 and 75 QSOs
cares about being disqualified???  They are doing us a favor by giving us
contacts.  Most (99.9%) of the serious and semi-serious contesters I worked
over the weekend gave the correct sequence.
73 DE Jim K9JF/7
Vancouver, WA

>From jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker)  Mon Nov 18 21:33:28 1996
From: jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker) (Jim Fenstermaker)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:33:28 -0800
Subject: Incomplete Exchange

Why stop there...just exchange call signs and nothing else.  Who would be
the first to break 500 on the rate meter?  I would wait, with anxious
anticipation, to watch the rate meter wrap itself around the peg!!

Gee, what era do this put me in???

73 Jim K9JF/7
Vancouver, WA

>Why not just the state. No call, report, anything else. After all, the 
>intent of contesting is a big 'Q' total. Certainly not to gain
>proficiency as an operator! de KL7HF
>Fatchett, Mike wrote:
>> If this is the law.  Then  I think all we will get out of the call part
>> is the op saying the call as fast as possible, probably so fast that you
>> could not understand it anyway.  What would be the point?  If either
>> party fail to get the callsign correct the Q is no good anyway.
>> If the ARRL wants another piece of information copied they could use your
>> name, city, mothers maiden name, and get as much out of the exchange.
>>  Personally I think the exchange is cumbersome enough and overall scares
>> off many would be participants.  A casual op probably has no idea what
>> the "A" or the "B" are for, nor the "Check".  If we want more
>> participants why don't we make it easier for the masses to join in?
>>  Nobody wants to look like a fool be asking a ton of questions or feeling
>> like they are being grilled by the FBI just for a simple contact.
>> Mike
>> W0MU
>> Sorry I missed you all in SS :(

>From floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Mon Nov 18 21:38:07 1996
From: floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 17:38:07 -0400
Subject: ARRL SS SSB Scores I
Message-ID: < at>


Compiled by
(floydjr at

Date Posted: 11/18/96

CALL              OP/SECT    SCORE    QS0'S     SECTS    HRS


K7MM                EWA     62,928     437        72     23
AA7VY                       52,052     338        77     24
KX9X                 IN     48,708     343        71     20
KT4LD                NC     44,928     288        78     13


W7ZRC                ID    215,748    1383        78     24
WA4ZXA               NC    191,568    1228        78     22
AB5SE                AR    144,760     940        77     24
WO4O                 TN    123,864     794        78     24
K9JF                WWA    110,136     706        78     12
WB5M                WTX    101,384     667        76     16
KK7A                 ID     87,600     584        75      9
WA7BNM              LAX     82,368     528        78     13
KS4XG                       77,816     548        71     24
KW9KW                       69,632     512        68
WD4AHZ              SFL     55,500     370        75     18
K7ZO                 ID     54,908     371        74     15
W7II                 ID     47,286     333        71     24
AE4MH               SFL     34,320     264        65     19
W9SZ                 IL     15,660     135        58      5
K2DB                WNY     12,168      78        78      8


N5KA                STX    306,228    1963        78     24
N4UK                 SC    265,696    1748        76
KG6LF                SV    257,444    1649        78     24
K4ZA (@N4ZC)         NC    254,102    1663        78     24
N9ITX/7              MT    241,800    1550        78     20
N4AF                 NC    234,156    1501        78
K4MA                 NC    221,988    1423        78
K0HB                 MN    212,316    1361        78     23
WS7W                 WY    103,950     693        75     14
AC5CT                      102,000
K4IQ                 VA     93,900     626        75     11
N1CC                ENY     82,680     530        78     10
K3AR                EPA     72,852     467        78     14
WB0O                 ND     58,624     458        64
KB5ZUD               OK     41,400     301        69     12
K9EY                 IN     23,808     189        64      6
N9GG                 DE     10,622     113        47
NS0B                 MO      5,642      91        31
K7RAT                                  252        68


K6RCC                SV    323,388    2073        78     24
VA6JY (@VE6JY)       AB    209,900    1377        78     24
K3MD                       178,932    1147        78
K4OJ                SFL    125,424     804        78
W4NF                 VA     84,084     546        77     14
N5YY                NTX     39,312     273        72     12
WT1O                EMA     22,032     204        54



N5YY         N5NJ,KC5BWU



73 Jim

           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
           * Packet Node:               >> N4ZC <<                  *
           * Internet Address:          >> floydjr at << *

>From wngk19 at (Paul E. Dorey, WN6K)  Mon Nov 18 23:51:24 1996
From: wngk19 at (Paul E. Dorey, WN6K) (Paul E. Dorey, WN6K)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 15:51:24 -0800
Subject: Incomplete Exchange
References: <199611182054.PAA17552 at>
Message-ID: <3290F67C.44FB at>

Steve Bookout wrote:

>....  Then lobby to get the rules changed.
>.... Petition the League.
> Kinda like the golfers on the tv commercial ... "I got a par and didn't hit 
the ball once?"
 \ \        /  \  |  /    |  /
  \ \  \   /    \ |  _ \  ' / 
   \ \  \ /   |\  | (   | . \ 
    \_/\_/   _| \_|\___/ _|\_\

>From aa8u at (AA8U)  Mon Nov 18 22:27:23 1996
From: aa8u at (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 17:27:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SSTV Window
Message-ID: <199611182227.RAA13990 at>

The first attempt to post this bounced, if this is a dupe you all have my
sincere apology.

Hello Fellow Contesters,

I noticed the usual assortment of anti-contest "turf protectors" this
weekend during SS SSB. 

This is not news, but I think I found a new "SSTV window" at or about 3812.
Maybe there is a legitimate band plan allocation there for SSTV, if so I was
not aware of it. Even if there is, the deliberate QRM and maliciously
comments, one of the milder ones: "I'm sick of hearing you! Move your
f...... contest" etc. This verbal abuse was followed by hours of sporadic
SSTV transmissions, timed to try and cover up the stations I was working.
Fortunately, the antenna system here allowed me to continue without too much
difficulty. My 80M rate did suffer some, but I just hung in there. In hind
sight, this might have been dumb.

I didn't notice any contester "clones" with DVP's this time. Maybe I just
don't get around enough. 

If I were less of a good citizen, I would pick up and admire SSTV equipment
at the next hamfest and "accidently" drop it and step on it. But, this is
just a fantasy of far. hi  

I heard others being abused so I wasn't singled out especially.

Anyone care to share their experiences and advice?

aa8u at

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