Incomplete exchange

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Mon Nov 18 19:19:00 EST 1996

I found most people generally adhered to the "proper excchange" 
in the "proper order" rule. Before criticizing some of the stuff 
you heard on the bands, it is important to remember that some 
stations may omit the call when doing a "fill". 
eg/ VE4GV to W1ABC

VE4GV to W1ABC - "You're 456 A VE4GV 72 MB"
W1ABC to VE4GV - "QRM , all again , please."
VE4GV to W1ABC - " This is VE4GV, 456 Alpha, Check 72 Mike Bravo"
W1ABC to VE4GV - "Qsl tnx"

Personally, I have no problem doing this because I have sent the 
correct exchange at least once. The rest is fills.  I did also 
notice that many who did NOT use the proper format had low 
scores, were newbies or just dabbling. I do agree that NOT 
sending your call at ANY time in the exchange defeats the purpose 
of the original intent of the contest. ie/ Message handling. 
Experienced contesters should not "cut corners".

As a sidenote: I'd be interested to know how many of us 
Sweepstakes types actually have handled "traffic " (with a 
message number) in the last year. I know I haven't. ( Shame on 
me) While we retain this exchange as a part of the contest, its 
relevance to its original intent probably has been lost on 
contest types.

1505 x 77  SO LP

>From jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker)  Tue Nov 19 01:20:50 1996
From: jfenster at (Jim Fenstermaker) (Jim Fenstermaker)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 17:20:50 -0800
Subject: Incomplete Exchange

Dale KG5U,

Thanks for the reply.  When we came out here on vacation in 1982, I knew
this was where we were destined to live.  Six months later, we were here!

Your idea concerning looking contacts up in the CALLBOOK is really great.
However, it is not the end.  Given our advancing ages, we should write down
the call signs we REMEMBER and see who gets the most on paper.  Those who
are short on calls could use the callbook but there would be a multiplier
based on age and experience.  This multiplier could range from .01 to 1.1
based on a majority vote of the participants.  Each participant would be
given votes based on the # of years they are listed in contest summaries.
That way, the BIG GUNS could keep themselves on top of the list.

Only DEATH would cause one to be taken off the top scores.  However, to
satisfy certain EGOs, There could be another sliding scale devised that
would ensure that the scores would be deleted inversely proportional to the
number of years since the Death of the Big Gun.  Just think, being listed on
Top 10 contest results for 15 years after one's demise.  

Let's hope the SUNSPOTS return soon so we can discuss real DX and contesting
rather than these fables.


Jim K9JF/7
Vancouver, WA   

>On Monday, November 18, 1996 15:33 PM, Jim
Fenstermaker[SMTP:jfenster at HPUX.MESD.K12.OR.US] wrote:
>>Why stop there...just exchange call signs and nothing else.  Who would be
>>the first to break 500 on the rate meter?  I would wait, with anxious
>>anticipation, to watch the rate meter wrap itself around the peg!!
>>Gee, what era do this put me in???
>>73 Jim K9JF/7
>>Vancouver, WA
>Lets carry it even farther.  
>Sit down and without turning on your radio or using a callbook, write down
as many valid callsigns as you can in 24 of 30 hours. 

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