Dr. Pepper et al

rkaufman at magic.mb.ca rkaufman at magic.mb.ca
Mon Nov 18 19:53:00 EST 1996

Fred K3ZO wrote :
>To clarify my use of Dr. Pepper, recently commented on by K7BG 
>and W3ZZ, I still use it regularly.  During contests however I 
>also drink grapefruit juice from the small bottles of Tropicana 
>that you can get at Price Club. Consumption ratio of bottles of 
>grapefruit juice to small bottles of Dr.Pepper at such times is 
>roughly 3:1.

Up here in the Great White North ( and BOY!! was it white in 
Winnipeg on Sat./Sun SS SSB weekend - Major Blizzard) we have a 
liquid solution to the 3 am drowsies.   

**** JOLT COLA   - HEATED, of course !!! *****
       (use a straw for maximum effect)

All the sugar and twice the Caffeine.  Just keep the crash cart 
handy for those moments of tachycardia. ---- CLEAR !! --- 
Whomp !!

I'm OK now. Back to normal contest QSO rhythm.

Rob VE4GV                                   

>From py0ff at elogica.com.br (Andre Sampaio)  Tue Nov 19 01:39:11 1996
From: py0ff at elogica.com.br (Andre Sampaio) (Andre Sampaio)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 01:39:11 +0000
Subject: PY0FF - CQWW CW 1996
Message-ID: <32910FBF.1457 at elogica.com.br>

Fernando de Noronha

PY0FF will be guest-opeated by Ville, OH2MM in CQ WW CW
Singe-op All Band. QSL via W9VA.

See you in the pile-ups!
73!       Ville & Andre
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        Andre C. Sampaio
 Arquipelago de Fernando de Noronha
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