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>After a rough SS SSB this weekend  (QRP and wires...Masochism Incarnate),
>I've more or less decided that I'm not gonna do SSB QRP anymore (I am a
>Cubs fan, battle cry is 'wait till next year!') - KX9X

Hi, Sean --
     M.I. yes.  I thought about it (QRP) but not enough masochism in me to
really do.  I am hoping to do it when conditions get better (yes, I mean
>Not wanting to open a huge can of worms, is it fair to say that the skills
>developed by the best QRPérs are radically different than the KW folks, or
>is it just pileup skills to the n'th degree? With a setup like I had this
>past weekend, finding a run freq would be a difficult task (though not
>impossible). S & P would be the main way to get Q's. SInce everybody has
>to go S& Píng at SOME point, I was just curious if folks thought there was
>a difference in the approach to S & P.

     Basic rules of SS:

    Class Q stations S&P  98% of the time
    Class B stations run 98% of the time
    Class A stations do both

     Transferable skills?  Not in my opinion.  You've got to have a lot of
bravado to wade in on a frequency, call CQ regardless and pull stations out
of the QRM for hours on end. Why should they S&P?  They don't have to.  

    A different skill set - high speed S&P - is the QRP'ers bread and butter.
 IMO if QRP operators pretended they had more bravado, they might try running
or calling CQ once in awhile.  You're gonna be readable somewhere.  

     Class Q ops are used to rejection, Class B ops aren't.   I think the
list goes on and on.  It might be a good excercise for everyone to try Q
once.  The lessons might be very interesting.  Hey, anyone can run 1.5KW and
sit on one frequency for hours, right?  Anyone going to pick up the guantlet?

73,  Steve  K7LXC

>From k0wa at (Lee Buller)  Tue Nov 19 15:56:32 1996
From: k0wa at (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:56:32 -0600
Subject: Incomplete exchange
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At 11:39 PM 11/18/96 -0600, you wrote:
>	>As a sidenote: I'd be interested to know how many of us 
>	>Sweepstakes types actually have handled "traffic " (with a 
>	>message number) in the last year. I know I haven't. ( Shame on 
>	>me) While we retain this exchange as a part of the contest, its 
>	>relevance to its original intent probably has been lost on 
>	>contest types.         Rob VE4GV
>In the same vein, I had to ask a while ago on this reflector why all 
>QSOs in SS count 2 points, instead of just 1 (or 17, or 42).  I guess 
>it's like women's clothes buttoning in the opposite direction to males' 
>clothes - the original reason became irrelevant a long time ago but we 
>still do it.
>Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
>oo7 at

Yes, I have passed some traffic on Cw in the past year or so.  QKS at 3610
0100Z and 0400Z daily.  Even been net control once or twice in a pinch.  Now
where are those QN signals at?

As for the two points...if my memory serves me right (and it might not
here)...years ago you got a point for sending the exchange, but could not
claim credit for receiving the exchange if the band changed or the signal
you were copying was clobbered and you lost the station.

k0wa at

>From iadiahfd at (Larry Lindblom)  Tue Nov 19 16:00:16 1996
From: iadiahfd at (Larry Lindblom) (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:00:16 -0600 (CST)
Subject: 14,230 + or -
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One time while running at N0NI (the station then known as NC0P) I found a
great & clear frequency at 14,229.  Even though it was during a contest, I
twice asked "is the frequency in use, is anyone using this frequency."  Dead
silcence each time so I started to "CQ contest".

After working 3 or 4 stations someone came on the frequency and told me he
was using the frequency.  I ask why he hadn't replied to my previous QRZed.
He said "I wasn't on the frequenc at that time."  Leaving me to ask, "If you
weren't on the frequency when I went QRZed, how could you have u been using
it?"  His response was "this frequency belongs to SSTV!!"   Of course he
then started to deliberately QRM the frequency.

Calling CQ contest on top of or within a few 100 cycles of an occupied
frequency (be it 14230 or 14195) is pure crap and is only done by a small
number of bozos. But, if 14230 is not in use and no one responds to a QRZed
then it should be treated no differently than any other unoccupied frequency.

In the above story, thanks to the N0NI 20 Mtr stacks and multiple I held the
frequency till the run went dry.  

Larry Lindblom

I know the FCC has done "frequency auctions" but I didn't realize that
14,230 was one of the frequencies auctioned off.      

>From baycock at (Bill Aycock)  Tue Nov 19 16:04:49 1996
From: baycock at (Bill Aycock) (Bill Aycock)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:04:49 -0600 (CST)
Subject: QRP or QRO, who is better???
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At 06:31 AM 11/19/96 -0800, you  ( Dale, K5MM )   wrote:
.....I am convinced that a GREAT QRP operator is
>        just as good as a GREAT QRO operator !!  This statement
>        may be supportable.
>        Dale K5MM 
 Dale, I think this is an interesting thread, and I think you are right--
BUT-- I dont think this side of the argument is the one thqt should be in
question.  The problem is not with the GOOD operators, at any power level,
but with the poor ones.

A poor operator can blast his way through QRO, and die QRP.  Therefore, you
might find good operators anywhere, up and down the bands and contest lists,
at any power level, but the poor ones are only heard and seen when they blast.

On the other hand, some sage once said " A good big man can always beat a
good little man"



Bill Aycock   ---   Persimmon Hill  ---   Woodville, Alabama, USA 
 ---  (in the N.E. corner of the State)
also-- W4BSG -- Grid EM64vr

>From km9p at (Bill Fisher KM9P)  Tue Nov 19 16:09:27 1996
From: km9p at (Bill Fisher KM9P) (Bill Fisher KM9P)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 11:09:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: note to 8P9Z & AA4S
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Neither of these guys have email.  

If you hear K4BAI (8P9Z) before this weekend could you please let him know
he is on HandKey #2 team ?  

Same for AA4S.  I dont have his number and he has no email.


Bill, KM9P

>From k0wa at (Lee Buller)  Tue Nov 19 16:18:02 1996
From: k0wa at (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:18:02 -0600
Subject: 40 meters/SS-SSB
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Ladies..........and Gentlemen:

I started a thread on 40 meters yesterday and I want you all to know what I
think about the whole thing.  So, here is my two-cents.

40 was a "must" band.  Just before the contest started we had a rain storm
and thunderstorm that dumped about 4" of water in about 4 hours.  The rain
got into the traps on the TH7 and it was worthless the whole contest.
Luckily, we had access to a A3 and 40 feet and that is what we used on 20
meters.  The A3 is our "West" beam, while the TH7 is the east beam.

Fourty meters turned into the best band of the contest for us.  We cranked
QSOs all night long on 40 until 3 am and then switched to 80.  AFter the
storms had left the area, 80 was fairly quiet and we were able to work quite
a few station on 80 using a 5/8 wave verticle standing over rain soaked
ground.  In fact, we worked KL7 on 80 meters.  the verticle really plays on
80 and 160.

Back to Fourty.  We worked NWT, PAC, and PR all on 40 meters using the
40CD2.  We also experienced running station to the east coast on 40 around 1
p.m on Sunday to around 4 p.m.  When I mean east coast...I'm talking about
ME, RI, VT and NLI...real deep west coast station.

This was the first time we had morethe 1000 q's on 40,  20 was so crowded we
had trouble working people...but we did OK.

For years, I've hated 40 meters and would not operate the band.  As a Novice
years ago, I had one crystal...only one...on 40 meters.  A guy about 40
miles away had the same crystal and would beat me home from school by 10
minutes and glom on to 40 meters.  Once I upgraded and got some $$ got a
VFO...I really never went back to 40.  I am always surprised what a great
band 40 is during a contest.  I sure love the band now....

Just my experience at K0TQ

k0wa at

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