Station Owners Being Stripped Of Their Bragging Rites

Tue Nov 19 20:42:09 EST 1996

Usually a world class station owner is satisfied in that other world class
station owners will know that it is/was his world class station that beat out
their world class station....kinda like businesses that are dba and everyone
really knows it is giant ABC company behind the curtain....besides a lot of
the big guns are glad not to have to contend with the QSLing chores!

RE leaving the cq machine on while draining ones bladder....if you think this
takes up too much time you are drinking way too much during a contest...a
p-break (kinda like pee, over) shouldn't take very if your
shack is located miles away from the can thats another story!

Did you guys know that the new major league baseball team coming to Tampa
Bay, the Devil Rays, will be playing in:

Tropicana Stadium

......when you think South Florida, think:

K4 Orange Juice 

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From: jwatson at (John Watson) (John Watson)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 21:17:04 -0500
Subject: [Fwd: ARLB084 Vanity program on hold]
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Well it seems that a few people that thought they could worm their way
around the stated dates for inclusion in the vanity call system, were had
by the "express service" they used to send their applications to the FCC.
Now, they want to have their cake and eat it too. It appears that the
majority now suffers for the crying of a few who want the calls that
someone else already has. I wonder if they are stupid enough to beleive
that the FCC will actually take the calls already issued that they wanted
and tell the recipientsthat they will have to turn them back in and
re-apply for another call, just to appease these crybabies......apparently
they are!!

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