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K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Mon Nov 25 11:45:18 EST 1996

Hello, all --

    After operating this weekend from XK7SZ (thanks, Allan!!) and using the
fully computer integrated setup, I'd like to plunge headfirst into the 90's
by getting my station computerized.  I understand that there is an interface
required for the 940 and would like to get one.  What's available, which one
should I get and does anyone have one for sale?  I heard that KW doesn't make
the 940 unit anymore.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

>From aa4lr at radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)  Mon Nov 25 15:53:39 1996
From: aa4lr at radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR) (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 96 11:53:39 -0400
Subject: Floating concrete
Message-ID: <961025115101.LAA28929 at gate.iterated.com>

>From:        Charlie Deel, Charlie_Deel at cpqm.mail.saic.com
>Concrete ships float for the same reason steel ships float, they displace a
>volume of water greater in weight than the weight of the material used to
>construct them.

The same principal applies to hot air balloons, blimps, etc.

>  Having built and raced concrete canoes in college I have 
>it firsthand.  But, you fill a steel or concrete ship with water, and they
>sink like a rock (re: Titanic).  Concrete support foundations will not float,
>since they do not displace a volume of water greater in weight than the
>foundation concrete itself.

They don't float in water, for sure, but they CAN float in a mixture of 
sand/water. Perhaps "float" is the wrong word. Say they become more 
boyant. The tension on the guy wire may be enough to lift them out of the 
sand at that point.

Bill Coleman, AA4LR           Mail: aa4lr at radio.org
Quote: "Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!"
            -- Wilbur Wright, 1901

>From snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov (Steven Nace)  Mon Nov 25 16:59:42 1996
From: snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov (Steven Nace) (Steven Nace)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:59:42 -0700
Subject: 10 meter beacon list
Message-ID: <v02120d01aebf806180e4@[]>

KC4DPC has a very detailed 10 mtr beacon list. If you want a copy, Email me
and I'll dump it on you.

73 de Hose  KN5H

PS> Someone grab it and put it on a Web page.

>From 71111.260 at CompuServe.COM (Hans Brakob)  Mon Nov 25 18:19:16 1996
From: 71111.260 at CompuServe.COM (Hans Brakob) (Hans Brakob)
Date: 25 Nov 96 13:19:16 EST
Subject: Q's is Q's
Message-ID: <961125181916_71111.260_EHM76-1 at CompuServe.COM>

W4AU said:

>a good rate when a strong station came on frequency and began 
>calling CQ TEST right on top of me. I know, this
>happens to everyone, but this guy was using my callsign!!

Hey, what the heck..... Q's is Q's.  Log 'em and send entry as M/M.

<BSEG> de Hans, K0HB

>From n5ul at wtaccess.com (Charles Shaw)  Mon Nov 25 21:33:26 1996
From: n5ul at wtaccess.com (Charles Shaw) (Charles Shaw)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 13:33:26 -0800
Subject: Floating concrete
Message-ID: <199611252133.NAA20905 at wta.wtaccess.com>

Hello Ward (and all the rest),

At 21:58 11/24/96 -0800, you wrote:

>  I doubt that a concrete anchor block
>would 'float'...the disruption of the sand cohesion due to the
>introduction of water as a lubricant sounds much more reasonable.

And water is not even necessary in some soils other than sand:

I am supporting a 160 meter vertical "T" 14x22 wire antenna from a wooden
"skyhook" with 3/8" nylon rope over a pulley at the top and a chunk (about
20 pounds) of concrete at the bottom to tension the rope.  The Vertical wire
was anchored by digging a "bell-shaped" hole in the topsoil down to solid
rock at about 14 inches.  Then rebar and eyebolt were attached and filled in
with about 1 and 2/3 sacks of ready-mix concrete (90+ pounds).

Here in southeast New Mexico we get about 13 inches of rainfall annually.
The soil at the antenna is black and dusty (probably more cohesive when
wet).  After two years of 20 pounds tension and the vibration caused by the
wind on the wire and rope, the concrete anchor has come about an inch out of
the dry ground.  The soil "flows" under the concrete when vibrated.

Vibration and tension on tower guy anchors are greater than what I have!

Charles - N5UL

>From d.moore at ix.netcom.com (Don Moore)  Mon Nov 25 18:46:50 1996
From: d.moore at ix.netcom.com (Don Moore) (Don Moore)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 10:46:50 -0800
Subject: DX Spots
Message-ID: <199611251846.KAA23588 at dfw-ix3.ix.netcom.com>

Does anyone know of program that captures data coming in one
comport and moves it out another comport ?

Telnet works just fine using netscape into different clusters.
However, I need this data passed into my CT network. 
Does anyone knows of a program that would capture com1, where my
modem is attached, and move input data from comport 1 over to and 
out comport 2 where my CT network is attached ?

Thanks for any replies!
Don K4CN
d.moore at ix.netcom.com

>From w2vjn at rosenet.net (George Cutsogeorge)  Tue Nov 26 03:11:12 1996
From: w2vjn at rosenet.net (George Cutsogeorge) (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 96 03:11:12 GMT
Subject: More nasty interference stories
References: <961125082659.ZM25814 at junger6141>
Message-ID: <M.112596.191112.92 at ppp024.rosenet.net>

While running stations on 40 meters at some point over the weekend, a guy 
appeared on the frequency using all the usual jamming techniques plus sending: 
"W7RM, W7RM.......Payback, payback.......".  Guess this misdirected person did 
not realize that W7RM was M/M and I had never operated from there before.  
Ignoring him proved succesful and after 30 minutes or so he left to find other 

George Cutsogeorge,  W2VJN                   
Umpqua, OR.

>From w5hvv at aeneas.net (Rod Fitz-Randolph)  Mon Nov 25 19:13:49 1996
From: w5hvv at aeneas.net (Rod Fitz-Randolph) (Rod Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 13:13:49 -0600
Subject: Reset Alpha
Message-ID: <v01541100aebf4ad42ba6@[]>

>After 6 hard faults the Alpha 87a will not reset.  How can it be reset or
>problem resolved?

>W7LL at juno.com  or post it on the reflector.

I'm sorry to tell you, from experience, that 6 hard faults in a row
on the 87A results in the microprocessor shutting down.  You may contact
Ray Heaton (sp?) and if you can connect it to a computer via RS232,
he may be able to tell you over the phone what the problem was that caused
the 87A to have 6 hard faults in a row.  However, it may be easier to
simply remove the transformer and send the unit back to Ray Heaton.  Be
aware that (1) they have moved and that you should find out the new address
and (2) there is currently a 6 week backlog at the repair center according
to information I received last week from a ham who owns the one I bought

In the future (again, from a unpleasant experience), DO NOT try to restart
the 87A more than 3-4 times without noticing the binary coded leds and
determining from the manual what the hard fault is.  If it cannot be
corrected easily, you might as well bundle it up and send it back.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings...  Rod

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph
w5hvv at aeneas.net
79 Highland Hills Cove,
Jackson, TN  38305
(901) 661-9278 (Phone - after 10 AM and prior to 9 PM)
(901) 664-7539 (FAX - any time of day or night)

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