N2TX SOA Score

Mike Anderson kf2et at li.net
Wed Nov 27 02:22:26 EST 1996

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1996

      Call: N2TX                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Unlimited


      160       29       76     2.62      9      26
       80       90      244     2.71     19      64
       40      254      723     2.85     31     111
       20      245      707     2.89     31     110
       15      194      550     2.84     27      93
       10       31       80     2.58     13      23

     Totals    843     2380     2.82    130     427  =>  1,325,660

21 hours of on time. Is Sleep Over-rated??

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:  Yaesu FT-1000, Alhpa 91b
10-20 Meters Stack of Force 12 C3'S
40 Meters 2 element Force 12 Yagi
80 Meters Phased verticals
160 Meters Inverted L

Way to many Excuses, but enjoyed the great conditons

Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club
Regards Mike N2TX


>From ng0x at ricochet.net (Dave Curtis)  Wed Nov 27 04:12:38 1996
From: ng0x at ricochet.net (Dave Curtis) (Dave Curtis)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 20:12:38 -0800
Subject: VHF SS -- FM or no? (was Re: Too Early?)
References: <m0vSQs3-000f5tC at mgate.arrl.org>
Message-ID: <329BBFB6.7658 at ricochet.net>

As Zack and Gary point out.. VHF contesting has a lot of regional differences.
Out here in the west, there is less activity on UHF and microwaves, so rates 
can be slow.  There is contest activity on the FM simplex frequencies, but
at least for me it is something I do only when:
a) I'm mobile between two grids, or
b) getting zero yield from SSB/CW, or
c) moving a station to another band where he only has FM

A lot of serious VHF'ers avoid FM all together.  It's just not as much
fun, for several reasons.  And of course, it is generally less effective. 

I guess whether or not FM should be encouraged gets down to 
regional differences.  Around here, I think it would help keep the
slow periods interesting, and more importantly, maybe interest some
new people in contesting and more serious weak-signal VHF operations.

73, Dave N6NZ CM87xi  (f.k.a. NG0X/rover)

Lau, Zack, W1VT wrote:
> >----------------------------------------------------
> >Gary V. Smith wrote:
> >> Is it too early to start talking about hints and tips for the ARRL
> January
> >> VHF SS?  No.
> >>Or is VHF contesting even discussed here? Not enough.  Needs more.  Jump
> in!
> >
> >> I've been disappointed with the participation level in VHF contests,Yeah,
> >now, why can't we get the hardcore HF contesters to at least
> >jump in for a few FM contacts on Sunday afternoon when fresh meat
> >would be really welcome?  Maybe we need a "fresh meat" award for the
> >best 4-hour Sunday afternoon score?  Any takers?
> >
> Maybe things are different on the West Coast, but I've noticed my
> score has improved considerably since I got rid of the 2M FM
> yagi and "de-emphasized" 2M FM.  Sure, I don't have as many
> 2M Qs, but have you calculated how many 2M FM Qs you need
> to break into the top 10 (single op)  if you don't pick up any multipliers
> while running 2M FM?   I just can't run them that fast. OTOH, 10 GHz
> FM can yield easy mults.  -- Zack W1VT.
> BTW--Sunday afternoon was anything but slow during the UHF contest.
> The hour after the contest I actually worked another 2 multipliers and 3 Qs
> on X band....

>From silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Wed Nov 27 11:39:53 1996
From: silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:39:53 -0200
Message-ID: < at ax.apc.org>

Hi all,

Does anyone have IP numbers of DX Clusters in the USA and/or Europe?
It would help me during constests, I have been operated assisted but not
using Clusters (what's bad).

We do have a Packet gateway to the Internet and I would like to give a try!


Carlos - PY1CAS

>From G.Force at flashnet.it (Giorgio Fanelli)  Wed Nov 27 13:11:21 1996
From: G.Force at flashnet.it (Giorgio Fanelli) (Giorgio Fanelli)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:11:21 +0100
Subject: Interfacing LPT port...
Message-ID: <199611271311.OAA12613 at star.flashnet.it>

Hail to all the readers
I look for the diagram scheme for interface, if possible, the CT with the my
TS850SAT for trasmitting in CW with serial port (COM). I have the diagram
for the parallel port (LPT) sended me from Corrado I0LTX. Let me know. Thank
you. '73 es DX de I0YQV George.

>From john.devoldere at innet.be (John Devoldere)  Wed Nov 27 13:03:50 1996
From: john.devoldere at innet.be (John Devoldere) (John Devoldere)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 13:03:50 +0000
Subject: E-mail address for AD6C or one of the ops
Message-ID: <199611271317.OAA10093 at mail.be.innet.net>

CAn anyone help me with the E-mail address of AD6C or one of the ops from
last week's contest (or possibly a telephone number).


73, ON4UN

john.devoldere at innet.be
Call us in all major 1996 contests: ON4UN (OT6T in WPX)
John Devoldere (ON4UN-AA4OI)
B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

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