160m DX Window? What a joke...

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Thu Nov 28 16:39:10 EST 1996

   The only purpose the 160m DX window serves is to allow ON4UN 
and the other BIG GUN European contest stations a nice, clear, 
sanctioned run frequency to pile on the USA stations and shatter 
old 160m records while the rest of us rot in our own QRM. Cmon,
who's kidding who here? I hear it every contest. 73 Ken N4UK

>From n5ul at wtaccess.com (Charles Shaw)  Fri Nov 29 02:27:14 1996
From: n5ul at wtaccess.com (Charles Shaw) (Charles Shaw)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 18:27:14 -0800
Subject: ARRL 160 Meter Contest
Message-ID: <199611290227.SAA32319 at wta.wtaccess.com>

I have been watching the postings regarding the 160 meter DX window with an
interest which goes back to the 1980's.

So far, no one has pointed out directly that the statement in the rules this
year and last: "(A) Participants are reminded that the segment 1.830 to
1.835 should be used for intercontinental QSOs only, in conformance with the
ARRL band plan."  CONFLICTS with the band plan as printed in the
"Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide".  (Available on the ARRL Web Pages
and from the ARRL Info Server via e-mail.)  (Also note that those two
sources do not agree completely with the "Guide" as published on page 104 of
January, 1996 QST.) (*Conflicts*, because the band plan would say 1.830 to

I have assumed that since *DX* is allowed to work *only* W/VE for contest
credit, that *for the purposes of this contest* the sentence quoted above
applies to and distinguishes *us W/VE's* from "the" *DX*, --and constitutes
a *temporary exception* to the published band plan.  I said *assumed*,
because it really is not *clearly stated*, and it is certainly not
universally understood.

        See Bruce's original 3 paragraphs for comparison.  
        Only--he said, *ANY ARRL* sponsored contest.

>From the standpoint of someone a long way from both coasts--and most of the
DX multipliers--it worked better last year than in most recent years; and it
seemed to cary over into January.  Perhaps this discussion will stimulate
further improvement.  I hope so--I don't like arguments!

73,   Charles - N5UL - New Mexico  

>From WYLIE at colloquium.co.uk (Tom Wylie)  Thu Nov 28 23:55:37 1996
From: WYLIE at colloquium.co.uk (Tom Wylie) (Tom Wylie)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:55:37 GMT
Subject: e-mail address
Message-ID: < at ms.colloquium.co.uk>

does anyone know the e-mail address of DJ9KG?

thanks de Tom GM4FDM

>From kt4ld at juno.com (Andrew H Lewis)  Fri Nov 29 00:17:27 1996
From: kt4ld at juno.com (Andrew H Lewis) (Andrew H Lewis)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:17:27 EST
Subject: Help Me
References: < at ms.colloquium.co.uk>
Message-ID: <19961128.202007.4415.0.KT4LD at juno.com>

Please anyone who sent me an email today (11/28/) please RESEND their
message because my Dad shut the computer off unexpectedy while I was on
and I LOST over 75 messages. Thanks from the Headquarters.

                                              K4HQ(ex KT4LD)-16 YEARS

>From HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED)  Fri Nov 29 00:13:54 1996
From: HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED) ( ROBERT   REED)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:13:54, -0500
Subject: DX Window
Message-ID: <199611290013.TAA20548 at mime4.prodigy.com>

NEVER, that I know of, though I have an interesting story of a few 
years ago.

N5AU was at the bottom of 20 as usually and was splattering 20 KHZ. 
Everyone was telling him so with no results. After listening to many 
people jump on N5AU for about 20 minutes I started tuning around 
again and came across K2MGA. I asked Dick to follow me down and 
listen. When I called N5AU he complained again and said to leave him 
alone to which I asked if he wold like to tell K2MGA the same thing. 
The next transmission was perfect with no splattering at all. Dick 
K2MGA did acknowledge his presence on frequency to N5AU so he knew he 
was caught for real. Should N5AU have cooperated before ? Of course. 
Didn't he know his big signal stateside was disturbing others ? He 
had to. You build a superstation you're supposed to have smarts 
besides money. Should he have been disqualified ? He was caught by 
the sponsor of the contest. Probably so but get it to happen.

Operating ethics don't seem to exist and that's why non-contesters 
have more influence than before in their complaints. As stupid as it 
is for a contest-free zone on 10M at this point someone voive enough 
comments to get it. Seems like the only contest sponsor concerns are 
what's in the log and whether or not someone added a few calls or 
copied them wrong.


 73,   Bob Reed,  W2CE,  ex WB2DIN
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

>From brad4 at roanoke.infi.net (Melvin G. Brafford)  Fri Nov 29 00:29:40 1996
From: brad4 at roanoke.infi.net (Melvin G. Brafford) (Melvin G. Brafford)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:29:40 -0500
Subject: W4YV CQWW CQ post script
Message-ID: <199611290031.TAA20133 at mh004.infi.net>

In an earlier message I made the comment that I found it amazing that a
station like KH8/N5OLS could not copy me. Of course this not amazing at
all, since not all locations are operating with the same noise level. My
location is dead quiet, so I seem to hear everything that moves on any
band. I didn't mean to imply that KH8/N5OLS was at fault, indeed the
trouble is at my location. I need to errect larger antennas to provide more
gain, so I can work more of what I hear. Sorry Don.
73, Mick

>From mihry at mail.topher.net (michael d. ihry)  Fri Nov 29 00:28:18 1996
From: mihry at mail.topher.net (michael d. ihry) (michael d. ihry)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 18:28:18 -0600
Subject: new call
Message-ID: <199611290028.SAA21554 at mail.topher.net>

ac5ct is now N5KB

>From aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U)  Fri Nov 29 00:54:14 1996
From: aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:54:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 160 M DX window
Message-ID: < at voyager.net>

>Don't you guys have anything better to do, than talk about this crap ?
>Go out and put up some antennas or run the boys.
>No wonder I have hundreds of useless msg on here every day.
>You guys must be bored out of your minds.

Hello Matt,

I support your right to express yourself. I also have the same right and I
intend to use it when I feel it is appropriate. 

There is a lot of traffic on the various reflectors I have little to no
interest in. My delete key gets a lot of use. I suggest you use yours too.
What is crap to you may be interesting to others. 

Relax, this issue will go away pretty soon anyway. It isn't worth getting
upset about.

We may disagree at times but we all share a great hobby and I have the
interests of this hobby at heart. I trust you do too.

Have a happy holiday and a great contest season, I will.

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