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During the major DX phone contests, there are always DX stations calling
CQ in the CW portion of 40M.  They are, of course, listening up in the
phone segment as well as on their xmitting freq.  Where can one find
a copy of the band plan's for other countries?  Hopefully, somewhere
on the internet...that would make it much easier to obtain.


73   Wayne  KC5DVT   ehayes at

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Subject: Kenwood sales policy
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Dear readers:

Please don't drag the CQ-Contest mailing list into some kind of email
crusade against Kenwood, or anyone for that matter.  This is clearly
outside the scope of this mailing list.

--Trey Garlough, WN4KKN
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> Subject: Kenwood sales policy
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> Paul, due to the recent changes in Kenwoods attempt to market their
> products at Truckstops, CB shops etc. I will no longer consider your
> products for my use. I presently have 5 Kenwoods. I plan on getting rid
> of each and everyone and replacing them with your competitors equipment.
> I have always purchased kenwood products since becoming a Amateur radio
> operator in the middle 70's.

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