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Douglas L. Klein WD8AUB at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Oct 6 11:13:44 EDT 1996

k4sb at avana.net wrote:
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> would ask for an emergency injunction in court. ( for instance, for any
> of you who might have filed and used your CC number, please be aware that
> anyone!!! can write the FCC, and get a complete copy of your application,
> PLUS your CC number.( Freedom of Information Act of 1974, as amended )
> The OMB was also very interested in that fact....seems the FCC had forgoten
> to request approval. All of you know the issue all of a sudden went very

Once again, I find myself trying to set at least one bad "fact" straight
for you Ed.

I personally know the person who handles the FOIA requests for another
government office and I have personally seen the Code that governs it. 
Rest assured that if you or anybody for that matter requests a copy of
someones Vanity application that there WILL be someone who uses copius
amounts of black magic marker on the credit card number.  That is
personally identifying information and is protected from release.  Trust

Doug Klein WD8AUB

> Thanks,
> Ed
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>From wb7sly at juno.com (Gary C Judd)  Sun Oct  6 15:57:31 1996
From: wb7sly at juno.com (Gary C Judd) (Gary C Judd)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 10:57:31 EDT
Subject: Kenwood - A Final Final on Truck Stops
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On Fri, 4 Oct 1996 19:19:45 -0700 cns-sd at ix.netcom.com (Art Wallace)

>First, why should Kenwood start another distribution channel? Kenwood 
>has 18 states with no dealers, 24 states with only one dealer. That 
>leaves 8 states with 2 or more dealers. Not a very good channel of 
>distribution. In a survey of 2500 new hams, 1/3 didn't buy a radio, 
>bought from Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu and Alinco, the remaining 1/3 bought 
>from Radio Shack with over 7,000 stores. This means Kenwood, Icom, 
>Yaesu and Alinco are competing for 1/3 of the new ham business.
>Solution: They have established Master Distributors who are Amateur 
>Radio operators and it is their responsibility to screen other 
>who would like to open up their own business or add to their own 
>business as sales and service. Only those qualified need apply. We 
>recently had a Kenwood outlet open here in the North County of San 
>Diego, sales and service,  and it has been welcome by all the local 

>73,  Art  KK6XN         Waiting for my Atlas Radio and my 1x2
>A greater question that needs an answer, is why are there so few dealers
of ham radio equipment, and why have over 20 dealers gone out of business
in the last 3 years?  There is no simple answer to the question, however
the obvious answer is lack sales and/or profitability.  The truth is that
most amateurs will not support a local
ham radio store because they want the absolute best price, including
avoiding paying any local taxes.  Therefore, they order out of state to
avoid it.  The result has been the advent of large mail order houses, a
lot of which are in areas where there is not a large population of hams. 
(Nevada comes to mind).  Now, the large mail order houses all have to try
and have the lowest price to attract the mail order customers.  The
ultimate result is that none of them can make enough profit to expand, or
in some cases to even survive.    Any ambitious businessman would like to
expand his
ham radio business to as many cities as possible, but none can compete
with a retailer with 7000 stores!  As for your new local Kenwood dealer,
he pays a higher price for Kenwood products through the distrbutor he
gets them from.  When you go to his store to buy, you will find that you
can buy it for less somewhere else.  Will you pay his higher price?  I
doubt it.  He is destined for failure from the outset. 
     Ultimately the chain with 7000 stores may win out, then all of us
will have lost our choice.  You can pay whatever price they deem, on
whatecer products they wish to sell you, and pay the local taxes too. 
But,  you can drive right down the street to do it!.
>Gary WB7SLY    

>From gussam at voyager.newcomm.net (Gus Samuelson)  Sun Oct  6 18:06:26 1996
From: gussam at voyager.newcomm.net (Gus Samuelson) (Gus Samuelson)
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 14:06:26 -0300
Subject: Epilogue Packet stuff

 (Gus Samuelson)

Hello guys:
Tks for direct replies;    

Well guess I realized that there are some very super operators out there and
the ability to operate two radios simultaneously is a significant issue and
something I have not yet Mastered.

There have always been differing views on running q's vs time spent search
and pounce..  problem now cured S & P and run at the same time ! 
The conscensus seems to be indicating that the packet issue is quite
possibly just co-incidental to the ever increasing competitive edge  serious
contest stations have been looking for with 100ft + towers and stacked monos
... no such luxury here. 

So if louder is better I'll  have to suffer in silence. I am in process of
re-building my station after move three years ago. Have 2.5 acres  on hill top
only 2 small towers up yet but have a total of 6 laying around here so hope to 
eventually be able to make some serious noise.

Don't mistake my little blurb for sour grapes it's just that I have seen
multiplier counts per band soar out of sight in the 15 years or so I have
been active as a contester. And wondered why !

I have never been too concerned about my ability to run stations either CW
or SSB  have lots of logs with good rates.

However it appears that the technique relative to the nouveau style of
testing has passed me and many others by !

I guess TOP GUNS have the hardware and really  dont have to resort to
devious means... They are loud enough to be able to attract mults. 

 Am aware of Propagation programs etc and yes have also had a look at the
peak times and gray lines prior to contest times,  have been using Miniprop
Here for years with the  Program name  "MP" how can I miss.

Still , I am concerned, as an avid contester that the win at all costs
syndrome may have taken over in SOME categories.

 Some even consider packet slows the serious op down!! If packet slows the
serious contester down then I not have been distracted and that which I have
felt might have been a help to me is  purely illusionary on my part.

I have had a lot of replies relative to my posting, the conscensus seems to
run as follows;

i:  There will always be some cheaters and some guys who want to beat ANY
system ! that's their objective in virtually all endeavours.

ii: They are in the Minority and not really top class ops

iii: Top Stations are much louder and make their own edge, usually they are
better  equipped, faster, and operationally superior in just about all
categories.and Dont cheat cuz they dont have to and have too much to lose !

iv:  Operating techniques have become very sophisticated compared to those
generally in vogue 10 years or so ago. You Two radio guys may not know it,
but I have heard from guys who are working on the third.

   Any way this peanut whistle wins it's share in contests where I feel I
can    compete. 
See you in the SECOND radio pileups/ THIRD radio/ yeah sure lets get some
propagation first. hi !
      Gus Samuelson                e-mail   gussam&voyager.newcomm.net
      P.O. Box 38 Site 4 RR # 1    packet   VO1MP at VO1AAA.#ENF.NF.CAN.NOAM
      St. Phillips, Nfld.
      Canada A1L 1C1

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