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Mon Oct 7 13:13:53 EDT 1996

What if they gave a state QSO Party and the World came? 

To my delight and surprise in the CQP this past weekend I worked 167 DX
stations, literally without trying, mostly 20 meters, mostly CW, mostly
Europe. SV, 7X, 5W, YB, EI, HB, YO, GW, TA all called in, in addition to
many DL, G, F, SM, OH, etc. with the capper and last DX QSO, OD5NJ. If only
I have runs like this in CQWW! In fact, I never remember running Europe like
this except in the ARRL 10 meter contest at the peak of the sunspot cycle.
Maybe raising my Force 12 EF420 10 feet to 53' might have helped, but...

Here we are at the very bottom of the sunspot cycle (no sunspots for the last
TWO weeks, this is the BOTTOM.) Conditions were amazing. This wasn't the
watery, fluttering, hard to copy EU signals. This was armchair copy for the
most part. I suppose having less QRM on the band, being CQP and not CQWW or
ARRL DX helped, but still.

With not a peep the whole weekend out of 10 meters and only 20% of my QSO
total from only 2 years ago on 15 meters, the DX show really helped the
rate, eliminated the Sunday doldrums and added to my enjoyment of the
contest tremendously, not to mention giving me the points to set a new LAX
CQP record.

In order to help sustain this DX activity and make it a trend (last year I
had only 8 DX QSOs,) I hereby offer to sponsor a CQP trophy for the highest
scoring non North American station. 

Full report and results to the 3830 reflector.


>From bigdon at (Big Don)  Mon Oct  7 17:28:22 1996
From: bigdon at (Big Don) (Big Don)
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 09:28:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Fcc and Vanity(delete if not interested)
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On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Bernie McClenny, WR3E wrote:

> [...]
> de Bernie, WR3E 
> hopefully W3DX, probably W3UR if not then N3RU N3RU N3JR W3UA N3UA W3AM

Big Don has not requested a new call but *is* watching the process with
amusement.  One item about which no one has commented yet is the FCC's
announced procedure of "typing in all the lists of requested calls" and
then turning loose some computer program to award the new calls.

Any FCC typos punching in the lists can thus become potentially assignable
calls. If you look at WR3E's list above, he has N3RU in there twice, and
N3JR which was probably supposed to be N3UR (?).

See how easy it is to screw up the typing?  And that was from someone who
*cares* about his callsign.  Now you get a bunch of diphead keypunchers
who don't give a real rip about anything except their next coffee-break
and quitting time, and turn them loose on those requested-call lists....

Big Don, WQ0ZQ#J

>From divinia at (Darin Divinia)  Mon Oct  7 19:31:14 1996
From: divinia at (Darin Divinia) (Darin Divinia)
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 13:31:14 -0500
Subject: New E-mail Address
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Note that my e-mail has changed.  Please use divinia at only.
All the old accounts will cease to forward within the next coupe 
of weeks.

Darin Divinia
Network Engineering
Texas Instruments

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A.R.S. => WG5J
Pager:= 214.332.7251

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