Help needed-SB-220 Ip meter/parts

ramirezk at ramirezk at
Tue Oct 8 19:07:44 EDT 1996

   The Cabo Rojo Contest Club is in need of a Heathkit Plate 
current meter for an SB-220. I understand that the meter 
movement of a Heathkit HM-102 wattmeter will also work. Does 
anyone have this meter that they would like to unload at a 
reasonable price? The members of the CRCC are in the process of 
trying to make life a little easier for our yearly WPX SSB M/M 
trip in March. The present plan is to acquire an SB-220 for each 
of the 6 bands and a complete spare parts inventory. Does anyone 
have SB-220 spare parts they want to get rid of? Anyone have a 
broken sb-220 they want to sell? Any help/leads are appreciated.
         BTW, if anyone is wondering, the reasons we have 
settled on SB-220S are: 1-Inexpensive,2- simple and easy to work 
on,3-we have 4 in hand,4-they have handled the A/C power sag 
better than all the other amps we have used down there.5-One of 
our ops. WD8ISK, used to work for Heathkit as a service tech and 
knows SB-220s very well.6- The sb-220 presently on the island 
has held up well the past 3 years in the tropical environment.7- 
     Thanks in advance for any leads/help.
         73 Ken KP4XS

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