K8CC's NA & Parallel Ports

Jastaples at aol.com Jastaples at aol.com
Tue Oct 8 20:51:11 EDT 1996

I've obviously missed something very important.

On those occasions when I wish to use K8CC's NA contest software I setup the
parallel ports as follows:

LPT 1 (0378H, IRQ 7)  -  Band Control (Selects Dunestar bandpass filter and
also allows paddle input and rig keying)

LPT 2 (0278H, IRQ 5)  -  W9XT Digital Voice Keyer.

With the latest release of NA (Version 10) the "Two-Radio Switchbox" requires
access to LPT pins 7, 8, 9 & 25 to switch the audio, key & mike between the
two rigs.

Apparently I can't use the W8XT card connector on LPT 2 as it is not a "true"
parallel port device. The Top Ten Decoder is already using these pins for
band control.

So I guess the only alternative is to add a LPT 3. But how? All the I/O cards
seem to
be restricted to LPT1/LPT2. I've seen a wealth of information on adding more
serial ports for contest applications, but nothing on parallel ports. What
did I miss?

Please reply directly to jastaples at aol.com


73, Joe, W5ASP

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